The match begins at the Centenario Ciudad de Quilmes stadium

With a 1-1 draw in the first leg, Cerveceros and Riestra will define today who secures their entry to the Semifinal of the Argentina tournament – 2023 First National Championship. The match begins at 7:00 p.m. (Argentina time) at the Centenario Ciudad de Quilmes.

Luis Lobo Medina was the referee chosen for the match at the Centenario Ciudad de Quilmes stadium.

Quilmes formation today

Ariel Fuscaldo chose a 4-5-1 alignment with Milton Álvarez in goal; Mario López Quintana, Gabriel Díaz, Renzo Giampaoli and Iván Erquiaga in defense; Martín Río, Iván Ramírez, Martín Giménez, Iván Colman and Axel Batista in the middle; and Facundo Castro up front.

Riestra formation today

For his part, Bruno Maffoni presented a 5-3-2 tactical scheme with goalkeeper Ignacio Arce; Diego Magellan, Eric Tovo, Nahuel Iribarren, Nicholas Dematei, Pedro Ramirez on the defensive wall; Jonathan Goitia, Milton Celiz and Walter Acuña in center field; and Lazaro Romero and Gustavo Fernandez as forwards.

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