The intimate and personal life of Carlos Franganillo, substitute for Pedro Piqueras

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Carlos Franganillo He has been one of the most important figures on the Spanish television schedule, especially in a year so full of institutional information, in which his work has been highly valued. The Asturian journalist begins a new stage at Telecinco, where he is going to replace
Pedro Piqueras.

After Vertele broke the news, it was Mediaset itself that confirmed this signing and also considered,
his brilliant careerin a statement that he sent to the media: «Franganillo is one of the most outstanding communicators of television information in our country due to his balanced combination of closeness and rigor, his professional versatility and his unique and didactic style of narration. today.

In the same statement they revealed
How have the negotiations been?: «The proposal made to Carlos Franganillo and the conversations to finalize the agreement for his incorporation have been one of the first initiatives carried out by the new Director of News of Mediaset España, Francisco Moreno, with the direct collaboration of Pedro Piqueras«.

A brilliant professional career

From his career we must highlight that he was born in Madrid in 1980, he has a degree in Audiovisual Communication from the Nebrija University and in Journalism from the CEU San Pablo University. In 2008 he passed through
opposition to being RTVE staff and immediately joined Internacional.

His rise was spectacular and has undoubtedly affected his personal life, which has always been very stable. In July 2014 she took over the TVE correspondent in Washington, which until then she had held
Dear Lorenzoand then he would return to our country to be in charge of the second edition of the Telediario and also the various informative specials that there have been in recent years, since
the oath of the Constitution of Princess Leonor at
two investitures, the failed one of Feijoo and that of Pedro Sánchez.

The presenter Carlos Franganillo. //

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A stable personal life marked by eclectic tastes

Franganillo has shared his life since 2011 with
the Galician Ana Ortega, who currently works at ONCE, for the organization of events and in everything related to entrepreneurship and innovation. Are
parents of four children and both have chosen to lead a low-profile private life.

Among other anecdotes from their personal life, we want to remember that they chose
Thailand as a destination for your honeymoon and that after having four children they have decided to leave, they will not increase the family any more. In a recent interview with El Mundo he stated that with such a large family and a job that required so much dedication, it was difficult for him to find much time for anything else.

In addition,
he talked about his hobbies, like the music. He has very eclectic tastes, from country, folk, copla or electronica and a priori he is not very inclined to listen to what is trending. He also likes to read a lot and claimed that he does not watch too much television.

Regarding sports, he likes to run, the team he supports is Oviedo (although he is not a pro soccer fan), and one of his idols is Romario. As for cooking, he prepares some dishes well such as rice and tripe, he is passionate about sea urchins and was
named Cider Ambassador in 2022. As an Asturian attached to his roots, he loves to escape to his chalet in Po, very close to Llanes, where he disconnects from everything in the middle of nature.

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