The Importance of Witnesses in Your Car Accident Settlement Claim

The Importance of Witnesses in Your Car Accident Settlement Claim

A witness is a person who was doing their business and saw an incident take place. They can either be pedestrians walking on the side of the road, other motorists who were not involved in the accident, or shop owners who saw what was happening from their vantage point. These people are an essential part of personal injury investigations because they help put together what happened.

Car accident attorneys will look for witnesses as soon as an accident occurs because their testimony may be crucial in their case. Read on to learn the importance of having witnesses in your claim for a car accident.

Why do you need witnesses in your car accident case?

1. They provide first account information about the accident

In the event of an accident, you need persons present to provide a written statement to verify the details of the events. A witness helps eliminate the ‘my word versus your word’ scenario because they provide an impartial third-party account of what happened. They can explain physical, environmental and other factors that could have caused the accident, such as holes in the road, a dog running across the road, the driver’s temperament, etc.

It is crucial to have more than one witness to establish precise details of the accident. Witnesses can be especially valuable today because they may have recorded the entire incident on their phones, providing even more evidence to support your claims.

2. They are credible

A random stranger on the side of the road who happened to be present at the time of an accident is reliable because they are not affiliated with the people involved in the accident. Because they have no interest in the outcome of the accident, they will have no reason to lie or exaggerate the facts to suit one party. The best witnesses are those who were not injured in the accident or were not to blame for the accident.

3. They can help fix errors

A witness can help remove doubts about who was responsible for the accident. They may say it was a specific driver because they ignored traffic lights or they were talking on the phone just before the accident happened. This helps move the investigation as such facts help the police with their reports.

4. They help fill in information gaps

written statement

Trauma experienced during and after a car accident can cause memory loss in drivers. The accident can cause head injuries, affecting a person’s ability to remember certain aspects of the accident. Detailed witness statements can help victims fill in these gaps that could be relevant to the investigation, e.g. could a cat running across the street have caused the driver to stop the car and cause a rear-end collision.

5. They can confirm people’s facts

If the victims give their account of what happened during the accident, a witness can be brought in to see if the story holds true. They can support an opinion in which the person responsible for the accident confesses, which makes the case more straightforward.

6. They help speed up case processing

If your lawyer presents several credible witnesses who can easily confirm your story and even have video evidence to prove what you say, the case will definitely be settled more quickly. Insurance companies and courts need a preponderance of evidence to ensure the victim a proper solution.

Are you looking for witnesses to your car accident claim yourself?

If you are not significantly injured after an accident, it is wise to start looking for people who have witnessed the accidents and get their information. However, if you are unable to do so, you can get a car accident lawyer who can follow up on your behalf and gather all the evidence and testimony you need for your case.

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