The Divide: FBA’s Gary Bolton on taking fiber advocacy to the states

For the Fiber Broadband Association (FBA), much of the past year has been spent advocating for federal-level broadband legislation that prioritizes “future-proof” fiber networks.

While fiber advocates may not have got everything they wanted from the $ 65 billion broadband bill (no mandate for symmetrical network speeds, for example), Gary Bolton, president of the Fiber Broadband Association, says in today’s podcast that the industry is targeting states – and the federal agencies overseeing the funds – while sorting out how billions for broadband will be spent.

Of course, fiber providers are not the only ones lobbying for these dollars. “When the policy comes in, there will be a lot of pressure to do the wrong thing,” Bolton said.

But the effort to get it right is high. “It’s really about being able to have resilient networks that can be able to do things like provide public safety, be able to be a way to 5G, to be able to do smart grid modernization “So this is the critical infrastructure for our future,” he said.

Plus, it’s now or never: “We will never be able to have so much funding available to provide fiber to any American,” Bolton said.

We are also discussing a new fiber optic technician training program that the FBA will launch in January, plus ongoing issues regarding broadband mapping at the FCC and more.

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