The discussion between Fantino and a panelist that ended in a fit of rage

What began as a barely chicanery discussion about who of the two really knew the “reality” of the country, within the framework of the latest political troubles, escalated until it ended in insults, throwing objects and an untimely exit. The protagonists were the driver Alejandro Fantino and one of its panelists, Sergio Figliuoloknown as “Tronco” or “Tronquito”.

Everything escalated when Sonin what purported to be an analysis of the recent elections, accused the driver of “living in Narnia” and being “disconnected from reality”, which Horse riderSurprised, he replied to his panelist that he had “a house, a truck” and to stop “crying.”

“No, you don’t live connected to reality. Excuse me, but you don’t live my reality.”Shooting Son before getting up from his chair and leaving the studio to shouts and blows, throwing his headphones into the air and to the almost stupor of the others present.

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Heated political debate over the recent election result

Everything went off after a day marked by the internal Together for Change After the controversy unleashed by the support from Patricia Bullrich to Javier Milei in the runoff on November 19.

“It seems to me that we have to go out into the streets,” the panelist harangued when analyzing the post-election scenario and, along those same lines, he pointed out against the entire political leadership: “We have to fight all this garbage that is left, they are of no use.” .

In the middle of jokes, the host asked the panelist to lower his tone. “If you keep cutting me, I’m going to go to prison. “If you let me develop an idea for once, no,” his partner replied.

In another section of his defense, “Stem” He targeted politicians who gave “freedom of action” to their voters and returned to his argument. Horse rider He harangued him: “What do you have to tell me, you who give me freedom? You are there because I voted for you. You’re right, Trunk. Come on, I continued but I continued more. Not light as you are now.”

“Tronco” or “Tronquito”who said he was a voter of Freedom Advanceswanted to begin with the well-known speech of the unviable country, which was stopped by Fantino.

“You live in Narnia, you don’t have the same position that I or my parents have, who live off their retirement.”, noted the panelist, to which Fantino replied: “You put me in a place where you know I’m not. For! I follow you, but don’t throw that at me because you know that I am a guy who lives connected to reality.”

“No, you don’t live connected to reality. Excuse me, but you don’t live my reality. You don’t know what kids are, my sister, me breaking my o… with a company that I support because I work 28 hours a day…”, answered the panelist, raising tension in the studio.

“Don’t cry for her either. “You have a truck, you live in a house…”he claimed Horse rider, in an attempt to calm the waters. However, his partner’s statements inflamed the panelist even more, who, amidst shouts and blows, declared: “That’s a shitty low blow. Do you know why I have what I have? Because I work twenty thousand hours a day.”

To the surprise of Horse rider and the rest of the panelists, “Stem” left the studio in the middle of the live broadcast. Don’t you know the day to day life that people have? Don’t argue with me. The only thing missing,” she exclaimed in a full attack of fury.

“He got seriously angry! Stop a little. Dont be like that”he stated Horse rider, completely amazed by his partner’s reaction. Minutes later, the panelist returned to the studio and justified his violent reaction. “When I get hot I get hot. There are things that get out of me and I can’t stand them,” he clarified.

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