The DAIA presented an amparo before the Justice to suspend the Roger Waters recital

The singer Roger Waters will perform tonight in River Plate (Lorena Sopêna/Europa Press)
The singer Roger Waters will perform tonight in River Plate (Lorena Sopêna/Europa Press)

The Delegation of Argentine Israeli Associations (DAIA) filed an amparo to request the suspension of the two shows Roger Waters in Argentina, based on the anti-Semitic sayings of the former bassist of Pink Floydwhich will be presented this Tuesday and Wednesday at the River stadium.

”An amparo with a request for a precautionary measure was presented to the Court requesting the suspension of Roger Waters’ recital scheduled to take place in Buenos Aires today due to his anti-Semitic expressions and messages during his presentation in Montevideo, Uruguay, last Friday the 17th. November,” the DAIA indicated in a statement.

“The DAIA repudiates, condemns and considers dangerous the anti-Semitic messages that the former leader of the band Pink Floyd has been repeating in his public presentations,” the text continues. In addition to casting doubt on the terrorist massacre committed by Hamas on October 7, claiming that it was an Israeli invention, during the show in Uruguay he insulted the president of the Jewish Community of Uruguay and accused Israel of murdering the Palestinian people.”

“Without a doubt, Roger Waters promotes hate speech and his conduct violates the Ley Antidiscriminatoriaa valuable legislation that governs the Argentine Republic and that was promoted by the DAIA,” concludes the message from the Israeli entity.

During one of the shows in Uruguay, the former Pink Floyd made a reference to a situation that surrounded his arrival in Montevideo, where the controversy over the musician’s visit had already begun. That framework insulted the president of the Central Israelite Committee of Uruguay: “I want to say a special good night to Mr. Roby Schindler, who is the leader of some Israeli organization here and had me banned from the beautiful hotels in his city. So Roby, ¡fuck you!”. The musician added that, as he spoke, “The Israeli government is murdering the Palestinian people in Gaza”.

The DAIA statement
The DAIA statement

The presentation of the DAIA is not the only complaint that was made in the country against the singer from the United Kingdom. Last Wednesday, he was denounced by a lawyer in the Comodoro Py courts for discrimination, incitement to violence and advocacy of crime for his anti-Semitic statements. Another accusation of discrimination was also filed in the criminal justice system of the City of Buenos Aires for Sergio Zigelbaum and his father Carlos ZigelbaumHolocaust survivor.

The repudiation was triggered in recent weeks when the musician spoke publicly saying that he did not believe that the attack by the terrorist group was true. Hamas in Israeli territory. “How the hell did the Israelis not know this was going to happen? I’m still a little bit down that rabbit hole. I mean, didn’t the Israeli army in those 11, 10 or 11 fields hear the bangs when they exploded? Whatever they had to fly to cross the border? There is something very suspicious about that,” the musician had declared in an interview with the lawyer and journalist Glenn Greenwald.

Asked about his criticism of Israel and his usual sayings, Waters continued: “They consider that people who profess the Jewish religion have a series of rights completely different from everyone else. This is fundamentally important. That’s why in my message I say: ‘Do you subscribe or not to the idea of ​​equal human rights? Because as soon as you don’t, you’re a Nazi. And I know you can’t say Nazi.’”

Due to his political positions, Roger Waters had serious difficulties making hotel reservations in Montevideo and Buenos Aires -specifically at the Alvear hotel and the Faena. The musician publicly admitted what happened in an interview with the newspaper Page 12.

In addition to the cancellations and presentations in Justice, a group of opposition legislators presented a project in Congress to repudiate his visit.

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