The best Black Friday Disney Plus deals and bundles: save up to $84

The best Black Friday Disney Plus deals and bundles: save up to $84

The Black Friday Disney Plus offers are here and we have a few different offers to show you if you have not yet joined the streaming service that has taken the world by storm and gets fresh and original content with regular spaces now.

Waiting for Black Friday is a decent shout out, as we’ll hardly see lower prices than the mega-shopping event the rest of the year, and no one likes Buyer’s Remorse after all. We have a few deals to share with you today. One of them has been around longer than the other but has been hard to beat and will save you a lot of money.

First of all, our favorite Disney Plus package Hulu and ESPN Plus also bid for $ 13.99 a month. Another offer we just saw is a cross-campaign with Amazon, where you get six months of Disney Plus for free when you sign up for Amazon Music Unlimited for $ 7.99 a month.

Disney Plus, Hulu, ESPN + | $ 13.99 per month

Compared to subscribing to these services individually, this Black Friday Disney Plus package will save you $ 84 a year, making it the best deal at a distance for most people. Hulu is packed with content that is more suitable for the adults in the house, and ESPN + gets lots of live sports along with a number of sports documentaries to enjoy. The discount means that you actually only pay for two of the three services. This is a rolling monthly contract so you are free to leave at any time.

$ 13.99 at Disney +

Disney Plus logo

6 months Disney Plus free

If you are interested in checking out Amazon Music Unlimited (Bezos’ trial on Spotify), then this is a very tempting offer as new subscribers will get six months of Disney Plus total for free on top of the monthly price of $ 6.99. After the six months have passed, you pay the usual $ 7.99 a month for Disney Plus. You are free to drop out at any time, but you are not required to pay for six months at all. Definitely an attractive deal if you want the music, otherwise we would take the second bundle for a ride instead.

$ 6.99 per month for Amazon Music

Disney Plus is not the only service after your attention this Black Friday. We’ve also covered the latest, pretty crazy Black Friday Hulu deal where monthly subs are cut down to 99 cents a month for a year. You can also get a full month of Paramount Plus for free. We’re just waiting for something to show up on HBO Max now.

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