The AFA released the VAR audios of three matches | For the first time the talks of the referees in certain plays are known

The use of VAR continues to generate controversy. In search of minimizing these controversies, the AFA began to disseminate the audios of the plays in which the video system is used, although for the moment there were only three matches in the League Cup: Independiente-Huracán, Colón-Central and Racing-San Lorenzo.

One year and six months after its implementation in the First Division, the AFA revealed for the first time the audios between the referee teams during some game situations, a measure that was demanded to make the decision-making process in controversial plays transparent.

In the videos broadcast on YouTube, the AFA chose a play from the match that Independiente won 1-0 against Huracán in which the locals requested an expulsion of Ignacio Pussetto for an alleged attack on Felipe Aguilar, which referee Facundo Tello did not saw during the development of the game.

At that moment, from the VAR they ask the judge not to resume the game, while they check from different cameras the action in which the Huracán striker throws a blow that hits the chest of the Independiente defender, who pretends that the blow It had been in the face. An announcer explains the situation and clarifies that the blow was not to the face or with enough force to cause the local player to fall.

“He hit him backwards,” Hernán Mastrángelo, the VAR manager, begins to say to Tello. “I want to see if he hits him. I don’t know if there is full contact,” he adds. After seeing the images from different cameras, he finally tells Tello to resume the game, without changing the determination. “It doesn’t amount to aggression, he opens his arm but never touches her face,” he explains. Then, at that moment the referee relays to the players what his assistant told him and the match continues from the goal kick.

In the San Lorenzo-Racing classic, refereed by Fernando Rapallini, the audios of Gonzalo Piovi’s penalty for a handball after a shot by Agustión Giay were reviewed, which the VAR team led by Héctor Paletta warned.

The video of the penalty that Rapallini received for an alleged handball by Malcom Braida after a shot by Juan Fernando Quintero was also published. After checking it on the VAR, Rapallini reversed his decision.

Finally, in Colón-Central, the video is about the identity check during the expulsion of Juan Cruz Komar. The referee Pablo Echavarría had shown the red card to goalkeeper Jorge Broun but the foul had been committed by the “scoundrel” defender and the error was warned by Darío Herrera.

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