Tevenet: “Mérida will make things very complicated for us”


Our coach evaluated the match that will pit us against the Extremaduran team in Majadahonda this Sunday.

Luis García Tevenet visited the club’s website in the run-up to this Sunday’s match (8:00 p.m.) against Mérida. The red and white coach assured: “We want to compete again. The team, after the defeat the other day where I think we played a great game, is eager to play again“.

All games have their complexity and this one has it too. It is a team with good players who will surely make things very complicated for us.“, he highlighted about the match against Mérida.

Regarding the keys to achieving victory, he noted: “We have to be faithful to what we have been doing. This team continually shows that the competition we have within the locker room must be used in the competition.“.

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