Tata Play STBs Available With up to Rs 400 Vouchers

Tata Play

Tata Play, the leading Direct-to-Home (DTH) operator in India, offers its Set-Top Boxes (STBs) with discounts of up to Rs 400. Tata Play has been very aggressive with its approach to acquiring new- age customers by also offering channel packages that come with over-the-top (OTT) subscriptions. One thing that is great about Tata Play’s STBs is that they are not too expensive compared to competitors’ offerings, but also bring a lot of value to the table. Here’s everything you should know about the discount offer that Tata Play is offering with its STBs right now.

Tata Play STBs are available at a discount of up to 400 Rs right now

Tata Play is offering its normal HD STB for Rs 1,699 right now with a discount of Rs 150. Note that to get the discount, users need to make the payment online and use the code ‘TPL150’.

Then users can get a discount of 200 Rs on Tata Play Binge + STB. This is a hybrid STB from Tata Play, through which users can watch both satellite TV and OTT content with just a click of a few buttons. Again, the payment must be made online to the company and the users must use the code ‘TPL200’ for the discount. Users get a free one month subscription to the Tata Sky Binge service with this STB.

There is a discount of 400 Rs when buying Tata Play + HD STB. This STB comes to Rs 4,999, which means the company offers almost 8% off the purchase. Users will need to use the code ‘TPL400’ under checkout while making the payment online to Tata Play.

To buy the STBs online, you can visit Tata Play’s official website where all of these STBs are listed. There is no discount on SD STB which is currently available for Rs 1,499.


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