Sustainability: An Operational Imperative for Commercial Building Owners and Tenants

Survey shows that 93% of US companies believe that sustainability is a lasting trend.

Many companies are implementing major sustainability initiatives to improve the efficiency of their operations and reduce the impact on the environment. The initiatives are taken for reasons ranging from lowering the operating costs of their buildings to complying with rules or from satisfying customers’ demand for efficient tenancy.

In fact, according to a new survey by Honeywell and The Business Journals, eight out of ten U.S. companies surveyed say that sustainability is an operational necessity and they have initiatives in place, while 70% say they have integrated sustainability into their strategic planning processes.

To gain more insight into the top priority companies expecting to take over next year and the role tenants have in the sustainability initiatives they seek from their building owners, download this article created by Honeywell and The Business Journals documenting the sustainability landscape for commercial buildings .


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