Summary of the match Roma vs Empoli (7-0) Serie A. GOALS”

The Rome signed this Sunday his first victory of the season with a forceful 7-0 win over Empoli in which he had fun to the sound of the Argentine Paulo Dybalawho with two goals once again became a differential talent for the team led by the Portuguese Jose Mourinho on a night in which the Belgian Romelu Lukaku Giallorosso made his debut as a scorer.

It was a perfect night in Rome Olympic for the local team. Everything went well, it was aunited team, much superior to the weak Empoli and that he uncorked the bottle of goals that he had not managed to open clearly in the three previous days.

This was Roma’s win

Things couldn’t have gone better for the Giallorosso team than in the minute 2 he was already leading the scoreboard after both penalties by Dybala, who took advantage of the naivety of Wlkiewiczcentral Empoli who committed a handball inside the area after measuring incorrectly in the lateral center of Kristensen.

And overwhelming start for Roma that didn’t end there. Renato Sanches He debuted his status as La Loba’s starter with the second of the night when the goals had not been met. first ten minutes of the match with a header from the penalty spot arriving from the second line, undetectable for the defense and to make good the second damaging lateral center of a Kristensen which has been perfectly made to the demands of Mourinho in the right lane.

The perfectly oiled machine that was Roma for the first time this season, after the draw against Salernitana and the defeats against Milan and Hellas Veronadid not stop fueling and in the 35th minute, very fortunately, scored the third goal of the night, a Destro’s own goal what a sentence Empoli who signed the full record of defeats.

The break was just a small respite for him. Empoliincapable, inoperative and overwhelmed before the talent of a Dybala who scored the fourth shortly after leaving the locker room, leaving a central defender sitting with a cut that allowed him to penetrate the heart of the area and close the game.

The party has already lost the mystery, the Empoli got carried away and Rome did not forgive. Dybala warned with a direct free kick that hit the crossbar that La Loba wanted more, and Cristante He showed it with a shot from outside the area that he put into the squad to place 5-0 in the 80th minute.

It was shortly after when Lukaku he made his. Perhaps the most anticipated of all and surely one of the most celebrated by the fans, eager to give a good and warm welcome to his new star. Mancini He headed in a corner kick in the final minutes to score the seventh and put an end to the great Giallorossa night.

Seven goals and a clean sheet. Cristante and Paredes worked, Ndicka and Renato made their debut with solvency, and Dybala y Lukaku They did what they wanted from above. He Empoli He did not put up any resistance, but Roma did everything they should. And he turned out perfect. First victory for Roma, of course, to the sound of Paulo Dybala.

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