Suella Braverman.. Find out the reasons for the dismissal of the British Home Secretary

British Home Secretary Suella Braverman has been sacked from her post, following her criticism of the way the London Metropolitan Police handled a pro-Palestinian march..

Suella Braverman fired

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak took the step of dismissing Suella Braverman, driven by increasing pressure, after the latter’s article was published in The Times newspaper on Wednesday, November 8th. Braverman compared these marches in London to sectarian marches that Northern Ireland witnessed in the late twentieth century, at the height of a national conflict known as the “Troubles” conflict.“.

Suella Braverman
Suella Braverman

Suella Braverman Braverman described the London marches as an attempt “to assert dominance by a particular group of the kind we are more accustomed to seeing in Northern Ireland.”

The holidays of the past weeks, since the outbreak of war in the Gaza Strip and Israel on October 7th, witnessed huge marches taking place in London squares to denounce the war and the killing of civilians..

The largest marches were those that took place last Saturday, November 11, which was the day honoring the memory of the deceased British soldiers during the First and Second World Wars. Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators participated in that march.

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