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StoryLinkRadio region in Kitely grid. (Photo courtesy David Kariuki)

StoryLink Radio, a group of Irish storytellers at the Seanchaí Library, will host a series of Halloween events on Kitely and Second Life next month.

There will be live storytelling sessions around the world and hunting from 6 p.m. 19.00 Pacific Time every Thursday, Friday, Sunday and most Tuesdays from October 1st to October 30th at their Halloween Mall located in the OctoberWorld region on the Kitely network. The shopping center is its own level, the size of an entire region, 3,000 meters above the ground in the October World region and with a Gothic castle, swamp, town and cemetery.

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Every Friday night in October, starting at 19.00 Pacific Time, there will be live storytelling from the Ghostbusters novel, a 1985 novel by Larry Milne.

Shandon Loring

“Our four-night presentation will be loosely based on the novel and highly tailored to bring it much more in line with the events of the film,” said author and StoryLink Radio owner Shandon Loring to Hypergrid business.

The characters in the novel are Peter Venkman, Egon Spengler, Ray Stantz, Dana Barrett, Louis Tully, Janine Melnitz, Winston Zeddemore, Gozer, Zuul and Slimer. The stories will be told by Shandon Loring.

“This will be the same as any of our storytellers, I will probably be the only storyteller for this one. I want to dress like Peter Venkman or Ray Stantz, ”he said. “Audiences will be encouraged to dress like Ghostbusters characters if they wish. The room will be styled after the fire station in Ghostbusters. ”

The Live From The Graveyard event is scheduled for 6pm Pacific Time on Friday, October 29 in the OctoberWorld region. Every October since 2015, StoryLink Radio presents ghost stories from a haunted real-world location for Halloween using portable and wireless technology. Selected sites in the past included real-life cemeteries, the actual Haunted House in Virginia City, Nevada, a real ghost town in the Wild West, a historic haunted riverboat and a turn-of-the-century abandoned gold mine.

“This year we will be presenting from a true 19th century cemetery that sits among the tombstones with a real life and a real dead audience,” Loring said. “People can listen to two of the previous presentations on our website – Live From Empire Graveyard & Live From The Lynch House. This year, we plan to present this session live on both grids in voice, deliver a separate Shoutcast Stream and possibly live on YouTube, which may also include a live video feed. ”

It will depend on weaknesses in the environment and technology, especially the bandwidth and incidence of the long-term residents of the chosen location.

“If all the smart technology is causing problems for some reason, we will at least have Shoutcast Stream up and running, and the country’s URL on both grids will be set to this stream, and people could simply listen from a mobile device using TuneIn or something, “he said.” The link to the address of the shoutcast stream will be posted on the website prior to the event. “

From 6pm to 8pm on Thursday, October 21st, there will be a Halloween Camp-Out and Sleepover in OctoberWorld’s Haunted Forest. There will be bonfires, tents, pizza, candy flashlights, dark stormy night and readings from Scary Stories for Sleepovers.

OctoberWorld region in Kitely. (Image courtesy David Kariuki.)

The Multi-Storyteller event takes place on Tuesdays, October 12, 19 and 26, starting at 19.00 Pacific Time. The events take place simultaneously at OctoberWorld in OpenSim and Nowhereville in Second Life.

Another multi-story teller event titled X-Files Dusk takes place from 6 p.m. 19.00 Pacific Time on weekdays 6 October. The story is told in duet format by Caledonia Skytower and Shandon Loring.

Opportunities for merchants

StoryLink Radio’s Halloween Mall is also open to all shoppers — free of charge — to claim a spot and display and sell their Halloween-themed items. They currently have ten grocers who have already set up shop, but welcome more, Loring said.

“We still have over 80,000 primers available,” he said. “We’ll probably continue to do this as a Halloween mall all year round.”

OpenSim land prices expand the possibilities

Being able to keep the mall up permanently is a big advantage of being in OpenSim, Loring said.

“This would be totally unaffordable in Second Life,” he said.

Kitely only charges $ 15 a month for a region – about a tenth of the price of the same amount of land as in Second Life. And a subscription to four regions is only $ 20 a month on Kitely.

After being in Second Life’s Seanchai Library since 2007, StoryLink Radio expanded to OpenSim in 2012, Loring said.

“The cheap land and the large number of primers available allow us to explore many more aspects of in-depth storytelling. We have more than 30 theme areas, ”he said Hypergrid business. “OpenSim has been a great blessing that has given us space to work and provide immersive and interactive experiences.”

For example, last year’s Halloween exhibit, The Raven’s Chamber, was a multifaceted multi-audio-stream study of Edgar Allan Poe’s famous poem. It is also still up and can be visited. Raven Chamber is located in OctoberWorld -sim.

“OpenSim has allowed us to keep this exhibition and ongoing presentation going all year round,” he said. In January of this year, the group built on it with a week-long celebration of Edgar Allan Poe’s birthday with over 25 hours of live programming.

The group also maintains a dedicated StoryLink Radio region.

The Hypergrid address is

(Image courtesy StoryLink Radio.)

“We’ve always had a decent to large attendance,” Loring said. “After nearly 500 hours of stories presented in OpenSim, plus dances and such, we have never had a show where no one showed up. That’s pretty cool! That said, OpenSim is notoriously difficult to build into the audience, so we struggle with that. ”

Halloween dance party

StoryLink is also planning a Halloween dance party featuring Halloween-themed tunes and DJ request sessions whose date and time have not yet been announced. During the event, participants must come dressed in their Halloween costumes.

Song requests can be sent to [email protected]. Four prizes will also be awarded to the best male and female avatars.

Livestreamed stories on YouTube

(Image courtesy Dark Nights and Candlelights.)

There will also be a series of Halloween-themed stories from Dark Nights and Candlelight: 31 Tiny October Tales by author Gregory Miller.

There will be a new story every night from October 1st to October 31st on the StoryLink Radio YouTube video channel.

The streamed stories are versions of video stories created in the OctoberWorld region of Kitely and in Nowhereville in Second Life.

Do you have a Halloween-themed destination or event that you want to join Hypergrid business? Mail me on [email protected].

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