Stellaris VR Roguelite Coming to Meta Quest 2 in 2023

Fast Travel Games today revealed a new VR roguelit set in the universe of Stellaris (2016), the critically acclaimed PC title. Called Ghost Signal: A Stellaris GameThe single-player strategy game is expected to arrive in Meta Quest 2 sometime in early 2023.

Like the PC game from Paradox Interactive, Ghost signal lets you captain your own spaceship and explore the universe, this time in search of the enigmatic ghost signal.

It’s basically a single-player game, although while you’re scanning exotic creatures for your logbook and doing research in multiple tech trees, you can also hunt down other players’ deserted ships for valuables, giving it a kind of creepy asynchronous multiplayer element.

Fast Travel Games – also known for VR titles Apex Construct, The curious tale of the stolen petsand Wraith: The Oblivion – Afterlife—says the game will also let you meet mysterious aliens, encounter planet-sized creatures, and engage in dynamic space battles.

“For years Stellaris has captivated players with its vast and wonderful universe,” said Christopher Smith, Lead Game Designer at Fast Travel Games. “Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game takes that universe and brings it closer than ever before, while giving players a whole new way to experience it. Fans and newcomers alike are sure to discover something special among the stars of this virtual reality roguelite shoot.”

The game is said to feature:

  • Roguelite gameplay where no journey is in vain
  • Alien species to fight or befriend
  • Heavy artillery to fend off monstrous creatures or defeat enemy armadas
  • Powerful upgrades such as freeze beams, atomic missiles and dragon companions
  • Randomized maps, daily challenges and leaderboards

Like Guardians Frontline, an upcoming strategic VR shooter announced Fast Travel and VirtualAge Games, there is no set launch date yet beyond the stated ‘early 2023’ window. However, it matches the expected release of PSVR 2, so it’s possible that the veteran VR studio will also appear to support Sony’s next-generation VR headset.


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