“Stay Tuned And You’ll See What We Have To Offer”

Apple CEO Tim Cook was interviewed by China Daily and he made an interesting comment when asked about the AR headset.

Reporter: “Chinese consumers are very enthusiastic about VR and AR technologies, but some of them are not very happy with the products currently available in the market. What do you think are the key factors for AR products such as AR can headsets succeed in the consumer market? “

Cook: “That’s a good question. I’m incredibly excited about AR, as you may know. And the crucial thing for any technology, including AR, is to put humanity at the center. And that’s what we focus on every day. Just now we have as an example over 14,000 ARKit apps in the App Store that provide AR experiences to millions of people around the world, but I believe despite that we are still at the beginning of how this technology will evolve “I could not be more excited about the opportunities we see in this space, and stay tuned and you will see what we have to offer.”

Information Apple VRLast year Bloombergsupply chain analyst Ming-Chi Kuo Kuo and The information released reports claiming that Apple is working on a premium headset for VR and AR with high-resolution color flow. claimed Kuo this headset will weigh less than Meta’s Quest 2, have two 4K OLED microscreens, and use a new chip with “similar computing power as the M1 to Mac”.

Earlier this month Bloomberg reported Apple is working on realityOS (rOS) versions of its core apps as well as the ability to view a Mac’s screen and AR / VR developer tools. References to realityOS were found in the App Store upload logs and Apple code earlier this year, and an Apple-affiliated shell company trademarked RealityOS in May. At Apple’s WWDC conference, a number of features tangentially related to AR were announced, but the company may be waiting for the headset’s unveiling to show its full AR / VR strategy.

Bloomberg earlier this year reported Apple’s headsets were delayed until 2023 due to “challenges related to overheating, cameras and software”. New York Times also reports the headset is delayed until 2023 and its sources say this is due to “continuing challenges with its battery power”. Both Bloomerg and The Information report that the product is set to be priced north of $ 2000.


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