Statement on the Middle East war – Greens, climate activists, diplomats distance themselves from Greta Thunberg

The picture shows climate activist Greta Thunber on a stage in Amsterdam, to her left a man from the audience in a green jacket who has taken the microphone away from her.

Climate activist Greta Thunberg performs in Amsterdam when a man storms the stage and criticizes the Swede’s pro-Palestinian statements. (dpa / Peter Dejong)

The Green Party co-chairwoman Lang condemned the appearance. Thunberg’s comments were not only depressing, but absolutely indecent, said Lang in Berlin. The Swede is misusing the absolutely necessary and correct concern of climate protection for a one-sided position on the Israel-Palestine conflict. Lang accused Thunberg of not naming the perpetrators and not condemning Hamas’ atrocities. One could almost say that in the end it swaps perpetrators and victims and thus brushes aside Israel’s right to exist, Lang emphasized.

The President of the German-Israeli Society (DIG), Beck, described Thunberg’s statements at a large demonstration against climate change in Amsterdam as the “end” of Greta Thunberg as a climate activist. “From now on, I’m a full-time hater of Israel,” Beck wrote on the online service X. The Israeli embassy in Berlin also commented on In English, the embassy added the call “No stage for anti-Semites.”

“Greta has long since grown out of herself as a person”

Fridays for Future Germany once again distanced itself from Thunberg. When asked by the German Press Agency, the movement said its recent statements made us feel confirmed in the course of the past few weeks. Fridays for Future in Germany operates as an independent organization and has long since outgrown Greta as a person. There is no place for anti-Semitism in the movement; We will continue to oppose this resolutely.

Thunberg appeared at a climate demonstration in Amsterdam, Netherlands, with tens of thousands of participants on Sunday. She wore a black and white Palestinian scarf and said, among other things: “As a movement for climate justice, we must hear the voices of those who are oppressed and who fight for freedom and full justice.”

The fact that Thunberg once again commented on the situation in the Gaza Strip at the rally also met with criticism from some participants. During the Swede’s speech, a man came on stage, grabbed Thunberg’s microphone and shouted that he had come for a climate demonstration and not to hear political views. The man was taken off the stage by stewards. After the tumult subsided, Thunberg joined a chant from demonstrators: “No climate justice on occupied land,” they chanted together, apparently with a view to Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories.

This message was sent on November 14th, 2023 on the Deutschlandfunk program.

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