Spotify is testing a TikTok-inspired feed of videos with a new Discover tab

Spotify is testing a TikTok-inspired feed of videos with a new Discover tab

TikTok built an empire on short vertical videos with popular music in the background. An empire that other technology companies want to emulate, including Spotify – the music streaming service seems to be testing a feature that displays a feed of vertical videos.

That feature is called Discover and was discovered by Chris Messina, who found it in a Spotify TestFlight build (TestFlight is the iOS way for developers to release beta versions). Discover is available as a new tab in the app user interface.

This seems to be related to the Canvas feature that allows musicians and bands to replace the static album cover with short videos. The videos viewed in Discover actually appear to be Canvas videos, just cropped to vertical format.

Users can swipe vertically to navigate between the clips and can press the heart button to like a clip, a fairly familiar interface that clearly draws inspiration from TikTok.

TechCrunch asked Spotify about the Discover feature, but the company was quite concise and said only that this is a test to see if there is any benefit in the concept, meaning that Discover may be rejected before it gets a wide release. Or if it proves popular, it can be activated for all users in a future release.

Spotify is not shy about borrowing ideas from other companies. It recently launched Greenroom, a competitor to Clubhouse, and in January it also tested a Stories feature. While hardly alone in this, Twitter’s Spaces is also a clubhouse competitor. Before that, everyone else also launched Stories features.

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