Soon we may be using more secure payment cards thanks to Samsung

Soon we can use more secure payment cards thanks to Samsung

Samsung has announced the S3B512C security chip, its new fingerprint security chip developed in collaboration with Mastercard, designed primarily for payment cards (via Engadget). According to the company, the chip is ‘the industry’s first all-in-one security chip solution’ and would be able to provide faster and more secure interactions while making purchases. Because the Samsung chip uses biometric authentication, the chip would also eliminate the need to enter your PIN on a keyboard. The S3B512C chip has a fingerprint sensor as well as a tamper-proof safe element (SE) that meets international safety requirements, and a secure processor. The chip captures the user’s biometric data via its fingerprint sensor. Then, using SE, it stores and authenticates the received information. The chip then analyzes the data using its secure processor.

With its biometric authentication, Samsung’s security chip can prevent fraudulent transactions that could otherwise be made with lost or stolen traditional cards. Because it has securely stored the owner’s fingerprints, a card using Samsung’s chip will verify that the person performing the transaction is in fact the rightful owner. The chip also uses anti-spoofing technology, which prevents unauthorized users from tricking the security system using tactics such as artificial fingerprints. Although the S3B512C chip is primarily designed for payment cards, according to Samsung, it can also be used in cards intended for very secure authentication, such as access cards for students or employees. By using a fingerprint sensor, a tamper-proof secure element and a secure processor, the S3B512C can also help card manufacturers reduce the number of chips needed to make biometric payment cards and can help optimize card design processes.

Although Samsung’s new security chip sounds very promising, there is currently no information on when Mastercard will implement Samsung’s new chip.

Mastercard currently offers fingerprint-approved payment cards, but they are not as secure as the new Samsung chip and do not use anti-spoofing technology.


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