Some Very Good Assignment Planner Apps for Students

Task scheduling apps

Students no longer need physical objects to use to plan their classes and organize their assignments and homework, planner apps can do the job perfectly. Apps also offer a wide range of interesting features that make planning and organizing scientific tasks a breeze.

By using these apps, students will be able to easily track their assignments, homework and tests. They can also use them to schedule classes, set reminders for important due dates, and many more.

1. myHomework Student Planner

myHomework is a student planner that offers a wide range of features, including the ability to track classes, homework, tests and assignments; supports time-, block-, and period-based schedules; sync across different platforms and many more.

2. School assistant – Planner

School Assistant is a school planning app that enables students to keep track of their assignments and homework. Some of the features it offers include: manage upcoming assignments and tests, schedule reminders, keep track of classes for each day, highlight overdue schoolwork and many more.

3. Power Planner

Power Planner is a lesson planner for students. ‘Power Planner allows you to manage semesters, enter classes with schedules and locations, add assignments and exams, receive automatic reminders for upcoming homework, and more. Grade and GPA calculation is also fully supported, so you know exactly what your GPA is across multiple semesters.

4. School schedule – class study

School Schedule is a planning app for students. It allows them to keep track of their school schedule and events, including things like assignments, exams, quizzes, important events, and more. Some of the key features provided by School Schedule include: color-coded classes, multi-week schedule, reminder notifications, ability to save schedule as picture in pictures, iCloud back and restore and more.

5. B4Grad: Homework Planner App

B4Grad is a homework planner that allows students to organize their homework and design study materials such as flashcards, notes, assignments and more. Some of its interesting features include: bird’s eye view of upcoming and past work, intuitive interface, the ability to track different elements (eg classes, lectures, labs, exercises, etc.), access to different organizational functions and more.


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