Some Apple Watch Series 7 orders have shipped ahead of Friday delivery — has yours?

As we get closer to the Apple Watch Series 7, which goes on sale on Friday, October 15, some people who got their pre-orders in good early early last week already see their watches being shipped.

We saw some orders preparing for shipping this weekend, but some are already underway — though it’s highly unlikely that any Apple Watch Series 7 will actually be delivered before launch day.

Something predictable is mine not sent yet – but I’m not worried. Apple tends to mark items as shipped only when we get closer to the release date – even though the packages themselves have been on the way for some time. This is definitely the case with iPhones in particular, with some orders first marked as shipped the day before they arrive outside the door.

While expectations may not have been met when the Apple Watch Series 7 was announced due to incorrect leaks, this is still the best Apple Watch that Apple has ever sold. With new 41mm and 45mm cases and a fine-tuned screen, the differences between the new watch and the outgoing Apple Watch Series 6 may not be great, but they are definitely there.

An important improvement is faster charging, something that will be of great benefit to people who use their watch for sleep tracking.

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