Solar-power EcoPod mobile device is a pop-up on air quality

Some days you step outside and you know the air quality is lower or higher than the day before. But until EcoPod you have not been able to prove it. Now you can monitor your air quality and get data about it. If knowledge is power, EcoPod is the power to change the world. It’s time to get much smarter on air.

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Does the air quality around your home change when there is a wildfire? How about a drought? What is the quality of the air around your property? Is it good? Bad? You can find the answer to all these questions thanks to EcoPod. And really, is that not the answer you should know?

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Designed jointly by Microsoft and WZMH Architects, the EcoPod is a solar-powered device that is also a pop-up lab. It is intended to promote community involvement, even though it provides up-to-date environmental information. A series of sensors, all solar powered, determine what happens to the air around you.

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Furthermore, the sensors measure CO, O3, SO2 and NO2 together with PM 1, PM 2.5 and PM 10. The sensors also detect and measure temperature, humidity and air pressure. From there, data is uploaded via cell technology directly to a data stick. It is instantly accessible and provides accurate information about the air all around you.

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All of this is just step one. The EcoPod actually promotes community involvement and emerges in American cities that have the most serious environmental issues. The EcoPod is mobile and temporary, so it can be taken to cities across the country.

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In addition, it does much more than measure data and analyze the environment around it. This device raises awareness and promotes knowledge, which certainly does not hurt. More knowledge about the environment will one day lead to more solutions for the environment.

+ WZMH Architects and Microsoft

Images via WZMH Architects and Microsoft


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