Sketchy Report Claims Apple Working on Redesigned Apple TV With Thinner Design and ‘Plexiglass’ Top

Apple is working on a redesigned Apple TV box that will have a flatter, thinner footprint and a “plexiglass” top, according to a dubious report from iDropNews.

The report, citing “sources”, claims that an “Apple TV” with a thinner and flatter design is on the way, eliminating the “terribly outdated and bulky” design of the current generation Apple TV. According to the outlined report, ‌Apple TV‌ has a top in “plexiglass”, a design feature that is expected to debut in an upcoming Mac mini. The redesign mentioned in the report is reminiscent of the design of the first generation ‌Apple TV‌.

first gen apple tv

None of them iDropNews Nor does the author of this report have an established track record, so all information should be taken with a big pinch of salt. The report also says that the new ‌Apple TV‌ will have “sharp edges like the iPhone 13, iPad Pro and iMac.” The claim is somewhat confusing, given that the current ‌Apple TV‌ design is already flat-edged with hard edges.

Another rumor in the report is that Apple is working on a “Nintendo Switch style console.” The information is a resurgence of past rumors claiming that Apple is working on a gaming console to promote its gaming portfolio. Today’s rumors say it will be Apple’s inclusion of a “premium hybrid gaming console” and will have performance that “will surpass anything Microsoft or Sony offer in 2021.”

The reliable delicious L0vetodream in 2020 said that Apple is working on a game controller, but it has not yet been seen in a consumer product. Apple launched Apple Arcade, its gaming subscription service, in 2019 and has since promoted the iPhone, iPad, Mac and ‌Apple TV‌ as powerful gaming devices. Earlier this year, Apple updated ‌Apple TV‌ with an A12 Bionic chip offering even more performance for ‌Apple Arcade‌ games.

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