Simplified forms: This makes tax returns easier for pensioners

Simplified forms
This makes tax returns easier for pensioners

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For pensioners, the relevant income and expenses for the tax return are sometimes quite clear. So why bother digging through all the irrelevant investments?

Are you a pensioner or retiree and your total annual income exceeds the basic allowance of currently 10,908 euros? You are then required to submit a tax return. For some this may be torture. But there are ways to make it easier for you to explain.

In the federal states of Brandenburg, Bremen, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Saxony, for example, pensioners have been able to fill out simplified tax return forms online since the 2022 assessment period, print them out, sign them and send them to the responsible tax office. The forms for 2022 and 2023 are available, for example, on the Federal Ministry of Finance website.

Important: Remember to include any donations, membership fees, extraordinary expenses and costs for household-related services. These items reduce the tax burden. However, if you have other income in addition to your pension or pension – for example from rentals or business – you must use the complete tax return forms. The Taxpayers’ Association points this out.

Option for retirees throughout Germany

According to the Taxpayers’ Association, the current pilot project will also be expanded to other federal states in the coming years. However, use is still only possible in the four mentioned.

An option that is open to pensioners throughout Germany: preparing the tax return with “Einfach Elster”. All you have to do is apply for an access number on the relevant website so that you can fill out and submit the declaration online.

The advantage: The forms are also tailored specifically to retirees. You can save yourself having to provide details of domestic pension income or pensions as well as data on health and nursing care insurance. These are automatically sent to the tax office and are therefore available.

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