Simple thermal mod makes M1 MacBook Air as fast as a MacBook Pro

Simple thermal mod makes M1 MacBook Air as fast as a MacBook Pro

Some M1 MacBook Air models have exactly the same chipset as the 13-inch M1 MacBook Pro, but they do not offer the same level of performance. Why? Because the MacBook Pro has a cooling fan and the MacBook Air does not.

But with a quick and easy thermal mod, you can give the more affordable MacBook Air a rather noticeable speed boost that makes it almost as fast as its siblings. Watch the video below that explains it all.

Speed ​​up your M1 MacBook Air with an easy thermal mod

There are some differences between the M1 chips inside the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro. While the latter comes with an 8-core GPU as standard, the MacBook Air has a 7-core GPU, with the 8-core option a paid upgrade.

However, whatever chipset you have, you can significantly increase its performance by improving its thermal control. And to do that, you only need a P5 screwdriver and some incredibly affordable thermal pads.

As YouTuber High on Tech demonstrates in the video below, the thermal pads are located on the heat sink that sits on top of the M1 chipset inside the MacBook Air. This closes the space between the heat sink and the bottom cover of the machine.

By doing this, the bottom cover of the MacBook Air becomes essentially one big heatsink. It draws heat out of the machine instead of letting it circulate inside it, forcing the chip to thermal gas and brake.

A big increase in performance

The courage is incredibly simple. Aside from removing the MacBook Air’s bottom cover and applying the thermal pads, there’s no need to mess with other components. So you do not have to worry about breaking.

And the performance gains are surprisingly significant. In Cinebench tests conducted by High on Tech, the modded MacBook Air achieved a score of 7,718. That’s just a little less than the 7,764 scores for the M1 MacBook Pro, and much more than the 6,412 obtained by an M1 MacBook Air without this mod.

There’s a catch

Before trying this courage for yourself, be aware that there are a few drawbacks. Because it turns your MacBook Air’s bottom cover into a giant heat sink, it makes the base noticeably warmer to the touch, so it’s probably not ideal if you regularly use your device on your lap.

What’s more, even though the thermal pads are easy to remove later if your MacBook Air is to be seen by Apple, the performance of this mod can still void your machine’s warranty.


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