Shams Al-Kuwaiti is taller than the pyramid, audio and video

Shams Al-Kuwaiti is keen to communicate with her followers through social networking sites, as she publishes her diaries in the form of photos and videos.

Recently, the Kuwaiti artist Shams promoted Egyptian tourism, with a group of photos that she published on her personal account on the “Instagram” application during her visit to the Egyptian pyramids, which reflect the face of the ancient Pharaonic civilization.

Shams accompanied the photos with a short comment in which she said: “Oh the beauty of the pyramids, unforgettable times, my beloved, in the heart of the Egyptian desert.”

The artist, Shams Al-Kuwaiti, appeared in the pictures with a striking appearance, wearing transparent clothes with flowers, and she relied on applying simple makeup and leaving her hair loose.

The recent period has witnessed remarkable artistic activity by singer Shams Al-Kuwaiti, as she recently finished recording 3 songs at once for her new album. The first is “The Oriental Man,” written by Mohamed Fathi, composed by Mohamed Shehata, and arranged by Mahmoud Sabry. The second is titled “Afsal,” and the third is titled “Afsal.” The name “Shut Up” is written by Mohamed Fathi, composed and arranged by Mohamed Abdel Azim.

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