Shams Al-Kuwaiti is causing a stir with her bold photos of the pyramids

Kuwaiti artist Shams sparked great controversy with her bold clothes and spontaneous movements at the Giza Pyramids in Egypt.

The Gulf artist shared with her followers on Instagram a group of spontaneous photos in which she appeared in tight clothes, a tight jumpsuit. The pants came in the form of leggings with a tight top without sleeves, and were distinguished by the gray color with prints in the shape of a yellow sunflower rose.

She completed her casual look with huge yellow sneakers, left her short hair natural, and applied light makeup in calm colors.

The Kuwaiti singer was keen to show off her fitness in a tight sports outfit, and enjoyed her time in the pyramids, and accompanied the pictures with a comment in which she wrote: “Oh, the beauty of the pyramids… unforgettable times, my beloved, in the heart of the Egyptian desert.”

Followers interacted widely with Shams’s photos, and the majority criticized her look as bad and unsuitable for her, wondering why she chose this piece that highlights the topography of her body and makes her look chunky, stressing that her choice is bad.

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