Shakira’s lawyer: “If she had fallen in love with Sergio Ramos instead of Piqué it would have cost her much less money”

Colombian singer Shakira avoids jail after reaching an agreement.

Shakira She is one of the protagonists of the last few days. Last Thursday, November 16, she won three awards at the Latin GRAMMYs, a gala held in Seville in which the Colombian artist shone with her performances. But four days later she made headlines again for a sensitive topic: her trial in Barcelona for alleged fraud of 14.5 million to the Treasury. Finally, the singer admitted her fraud with the treasury and will pay a fine that exceeds seven million euros, but he will not go to jail, a risk he ran if the trial went ahead and did not go in his favor. His attorney in this judicial matter is Pau Molinspartner and founder of Molins Defensa Penal, who has shown his discomfort with both the Tax agency as with Gerard Piqué, ex-partner of the Colombian artist.

His words of discontent took place in a recent interview given to Jordi Basté’s program on RAC 1. “Shakira’s falling in love has cost her 120 million euros”, he assured, stating flatly that “if he had fallen in love with Sergio Ramos, instead of Gerard Piqué, it would have cost him much less money.” “The years in Barcelona – the city where she lived during her relationship with the former Barça footballer – have been very expensive for her,” she added.

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Immediately afterwards, the lawyer charged against the Catalan tax system: “So much so that they fill their mouths with the equality of Spaniards… if you are a resident of Catalonia, you can go to jail for a crime that is impossible to land in Madrid. , having the same behavior, because there is no estate tax”.

Shakira visits the Barcelona courts (AP)
Shakira visits the Barcelona courts (AP)

Despite Shakira’s admission of guilt in the agreement, Molins insists on the singer’s innocence, arguing the difficulty of establishing her tax residency given her international career. He revealed that in 2011, Shakira went on a world tour visiting 74 countries, which complicates determining where she should pay taxes. “It shows everything on social networks. How can you pretend that you don’t live in Spain? It’s a complicated issue with world artists. Where do they work if they are around all day?,” she explained.

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Regarding the conformity agreement, Molins revealed that his preference was to go to trial, believing in the possibility of winning the case. However, Shakira chose to resolve the situation by prioritizing the well-being of her children and her desire to close this chapter in Spain. “I wanted to turn the page in Spain and deontologically we must respect that,” she concluded.

Shakira in the Barcelona courts (AP)
Shakira in the Barcelona courts (AP)

Shakira acknowledged her involvement in six crimes of tax fraud, according to a statement issued by Llorente & Cuenca (LLYC). The artist had already repaid the 14.5 million euros that she evaded between 2012 and 2014, a period in which she pretended to reside outside of Spain to avoid paying taxes.

Within the framework of confirming the agreement with the authorities, Shakira declared the following: “I felt ready to face a trial and defend my innocence. My lawyers were convinced that we had a winning trial. However, after many years of struggle, I have made this decision. I had two options: continue fighting until the end, mortgaging my peace of mind and that of my children, stop making songs, albums and tours, without being able to enjoy my career and the things I like, or make an agreement, close and leave this chapter behind. of my life looking forward.”

In a deeper reflection on her choice, Shakira emphasized: “I have come to the conclusion that It is not a triumph to win if the price is having so many years of your life stolen from you.. I greatly admire those Spanish citizens, like Xabi Alonso, Sito Pons and many others, who have fought to the end, investing years of their lives in this, but for me, today, winning is getting my time back. What good is it for me to win a procedure in the end if I have to fight for 10 or 15 years and lose everything along the way?

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