Sergio Massa analyzes requesting a license to facilitate the transition between Javier Milei and Alberto Fernández

Sergio Massa, tonight in the Unión por la Ptria bunker (AP Photo/Gustavo Garello)
Sergio Massa, tonight in the Unión por la Ptria bunker (AP Photo/Gustavo Garello)

The Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, analyzes requesting leave until December 9as revealed by official sources Infobae. The decision will be made after the meeting that the winner of the runoff, Javier Mileywill have with the president Alberto Fernandez. The goal is to facilitate the transition.

If Massa finally asks for leave, financial management would be the responsibility of his team. The president of the Central Bank, Miguel Ángel Pesce, will coordinate the financial transition. And the Secretary of the Treasury, Raul Rigowill be in charge of the dialogue with the new government in the fiscal area.

For now, the Minister of Economy summoned the main men on his team at 12 in San Fernando. Raul Rigo, Miguel Pesce, Lysandro Cleri, William Michel, Gabriel Rubinstein, Marco Lavagna, Matthias Tombolini, Leonardo Madcur and Germain Cervantes will be in the squad.

By acknowledging his electoral defeat, Massa had anticipated that this Sunday a stage was ending. In addition, he stated that starting this Monday “the responsibility of providing certainty about economic functioning” will be the President-elect’s.

Fernández has already taken the first step to begin an orderly transition. Before 9 p.m., he called the winner of the elections to make himself available and facilitate a smooth transfer of power. To meet that goal, he summoned the leader of Libertad Avanza to a formal meeting at Casa Rosada that still has no date. Then, each government area will begin liaison meetings with the teams of the elected head of state.

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The new President will receive a country in emergency with distressing indicators: annual inflation of 142.7%, poverty above 40%, a gross domestic product 2.2% lower than in 2019, negative Central Bank reserves and a deficit trade balance. In the last four years, the price of the official dollar went from $60 to 369.50. And the free quote closed on Friday at $950 in a market with practically no operations due to the controls promoted by the government. The gap between both ends exceeds 150 percent.

He will also govern with an atomized Congress where his blocs will be forced to seek consensus. Its 38 deputies and 7 senators are scarce for the number and magnitude of the reforms promised during the campaign. The challenge will test the scope of the agreement forged with the PRO and will shape the end of Together for Change as the coalition it was from its birth, in 2015, until today.

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