Seiko WristMac, aka the ‘first Apple Watch,’ will look weird as hell on your wrist

Seiko WristMac, aka the 'first Apple Watch,' will look weird as hell on your wrist

An extremely rare wearable from 1988 called a “WristMac” is currently up for auction at ComicConnect. Seiko and partner company Ex Machina made this ancestor of the smartwatch, not Apple, but it could connect to a Macintosh and perform certain functions – and a version of it even did so on a space shuttle mission. It is expected to bring in anything between $ 25,000 and $ 100,000.

We’ll have to see if it gets that loud. Bidding started Monday at $ 1. It stood at $ 950 on Tuesday with 30 bids. The auction runs through December 18th.

Seiko WristMac: Early example of portable technology

The WristMac is an early example of portable technology. Apple did not make it, even though the auction plays the Apple connection. The watch was released about 25 years before the first Apple Watch and about a year before Apple Portable, the company’s first battery-powered laptop.

But the WristMac acted as a programmable wristwatch that could be connected to a Macintosh. It could store phone numbers, execute one-time and recurring alarms, and take notes for export as a text file to a disk.

In 1991, NASA astronauts aboard the space shuttle “Atlantis” carried the WristMac to help them communicate with the ship’s Macintosh laptop and Apple Link software, through which they sent the first e-mail from space.

Rare and hard to appreciate

Because WristMacs are so rare today, there are no recent sales of them indicating what an expected selling price might be. ComicConnect CEO Stephen Fishler said he expects the WristMac listing will sell for somewhere between $ 1,000 and $ 100,000, with a final selling price likely to land somewhere between $ 25,000 and $ 50,000.

“It’s an incredible find – one of the earliest examples of laptop technology,” Fishler said. “The WristMac has rarely been seen since its launch over 30 years ago – and it’s likely to be years before another shows up.”

This never-used WristMac, originally sold for $ 50, comes with its original box and contents. It includes dock, registration card, reference manual and WristMac 1.2 software disk.

Where to bid: ComicConnect


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