See what’s inside your iPhone with these beautifully detailed wallpapers

See what's inside your iPhone with these beautifully detailed wallpapers

There are a lot of great color options to choose from.
Photo: BasicAppleGuy

Take a look at what’s inside your iPhone 13 without actually pulling it apart. These beautifully detailed wallpapers give a glimpse of all the components under its hood – and they come in a lot of beautiful color options.

Download them for free now.

Beautiful iPhone wallpapers show internal components

Apple packs hundreds of small components into each iPhone to make them the fastest and most impressive smartphones on the market. Each one is carefully designed to fit perfectly with each other in a super slim form factor.

Most of us only see these components in demolition videos because we do not disassemble our smartphones (which is a good thing). But if you have an interest in technology and how things work, they are surprisingly beautiful to look at.

In fact, so beautiful that the inside of your iPhone provides a great wallpaper on the home screen – and that’s why BasicAppleGuy made a whole lot of them, inspired by the demolition of iFixit, in a range of amazing color options.

“Transistor by transistor, screw by screw, these wallpapers came to life slowly over many hours,” they wrote. “From there, the projects were imported into Pixelmator to create a series of amazing variations for your devices.”

Download them for free

The wallpapers are available for iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, but they look great on any model. And you can download them all for free (though tips are encouraged) from BasicAppleGuy website.

Simply select the wallpaper you want for the iPhone you are using to open it in a new tab, then press and hold to save it in Photos. When setting it as your wallpaper, disable perspective zoom to prevent the edges from being cut.


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