Save big on portable battery packs from Anker and Belkin

Save big on portable battery packs from Anker and Belkin

Not all battery packs and powerbanks are made equal. Some stand above the rest, and most of them bear the coat of arms of the Anker family. Anker’s amazing PowerIQ technology combined with Power Delivery provides space for the ultimate charging products for phones, Chromebooks and everything with a USB port.

We have gathered the best offers on portable battery back pieces from Anker and Belkin for you. There is little to offer for any person, whether you need a battery pack with a lot of juice or one that does the job without taking up much space. Anchor includes its high quality USB C cables in some of these, so be sure to grab them for maximum value.

All of these choices are good travel companions. If you are a big phone user and require more than just the 5,000 mAh that Belkin provides, you may want to consider an 10,000 mAh powerbank from Anker. For everyday use, the Belkin Portable Power Bank does the job just fine. On the other hand, if you are considering filling up your laptop or Chromebook on the go, you definitely need something with more juice. This 20,100mAh Anker PowerCore portable charger balances price with specifications, and it’s even cheaper today with this Black Friday deal.

Anchor PowerCore 20.100mAh | $ 11 off

Anker’s impressive PowerCore packs 20,100 mAh and can charge anything. Power your phone, tablet or even your laptop with this portable charger. It has PowerIQ technology and you get three ports, two USB A and one USB C.

$ 39 at Amazon

When considering which laptop battery pack to choose, think about the devices that you are likely to charge. If you only have a phone and a smartwatch, you do not need a lot of power. But take your laptop into consideration and things will change. If you travel frequently with your laptop in tow, be careful and get something with more charging capacity and more ports.

If charging speed matters most to you, choose Power Delivery options. For those of you who need to be more informed before buying a powerbank, here are six things you need to know before buying a Power Delivery charger or powerbank. Have a good hunt!

Anchor Powercore Slim 10000 Reco

Anchor PowerCore Slim 10,000mAh | $ 7 off

Charging on the go requires speed as much as power. Anker PowerCore Slim has both, with a capacity to charge 10,000 mAh to any device with a speed of 18W. Take advantage of Power Delivery and charge your phone with a USB C-to-C cable. Amazon has beaten $ 7 off the price for Black Friday.

$ 22 at Amazon

Anker Powercore 10000 laptop charger Reco

Anchor PowerCore 10,000mAh | $ 1 discount

Just a dollar discount does not sound like much, but this tiny little battery pack is cheap enough as it is. Its small nature makes it easy to get into a bag or purse. Anker thoughtfully added a travel bag to the box to make things easier. Surprisingly, the Anker PowerCore still boasts 10.00mAh despite its size.

$ 19 at Amazon

Anchor Powercore Iii Elite 25600 Reco

Anchor PowerCore III Elite 25.600mAh with 65W PD Charger | $ 32 and discount

This is a great combination deal with a 20% discount. Anchor includes a PowerCore III Elite 25,500mAh powerbank capable of delivering a 60W charging speed. Forget phones, it’s good enough to quickly charge a laptop or Chromebook. In addition, you also get Anker’s PowerPort III 65W Pod wall, a C-to-C cable and a bag. You save $ 32 here and get the absolute best charging products in exchange.

$ 128 at Amazon

Belkin Portable Power Bank 5000mah Reco

Belkin Portable Power Bank 5,000mAh | $ 12 off

Do not need an insane amount of milliamps? This Belkin Portable Power Bank has a capacity of 5,000mAh. It will get you through the day by charging your phone and a pair of earphones once. You can save $ 12 with this deal.

$ 13 at Amazon

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