San Martín turned around a tough game and beat Patronato 3 to 1 in Paraná

The “saint” was against the ropes, but was effective in the opportunities that were presented to him.

00:06 hs

Video: match summary

18:58 hs

Time expired: 5 additional times will be played

18:55 hs

Dening had the fourth goal at his feet

There are 5 minutes left in the game.

18:42 hs

28′ ST: Goal by San Martín

Nahuel Banegas makes it 3 to 1.

18:38 hs

20′ 2T: Changes in San Martín

Leonel Bucca and Mateo Acosta leave; Leonel Pierce and Gervasio Núñez enter.

18:36 hs

18′ 2T: Yellow card for Tomás Cáceres

The referee shows a yellow card for Tomás Cáceres. Board of Trustees has 3 players cautioned.

18:30 hs

14′ 2T: Change in Board of Trustees

Matías Ruiz Díaz leaves, Gastón Novero enters.

18:29 hs

11′ Goal from San Martín

Leonel Bucca scores for the “saint”. Board of Trustees 1 – 2 San Martín

18:16 hs

San Martín came out with a different attitude at the start of the second half

18:14 hs

The second half begins: two changes in San Martín

Brian Andrada and Iván Zafarana entered, Mauro Verón and Agustín Prokop left.

17:53 hs

End of the first half

17:51 hs

Goool of St. Martin

Mateo Acosta tied the game at the end of the first half.

17:48 hs

Time expired: the referee adds 3 more minutes

17:41 hs

Two expelled, one on each team

Both teams play with 10. Nahuel Brunet is the one expelled in the “Santo”. In Patronato they gave the red card to Mateo Levato. Patronage.

17:39 hs

Nicolás Domingo reprimanded by the Board of Trustees

17:30 hs

San Martín begins to approach its rival’s area

17:21 hs

20′ San Martín had the first goal play

It didn’t come to fruition.

17:20 hs

The referee showed a red card for Frontini’s field assistant

17:19 hs

15′ San Martín cannot find a way back to the game

The game is a monologue from the Board of Trustees.

17:16 hs

Board of Trustees has San Martín on the ropes

17:12 hs

9′ The crossbar saves San Martín de Tucumán

Facundo Cobos hit a right hand that made the “Santo’s” goal tremble.

17:09 hs

5′ Board Goal

The home team takes advantage. Ignacio Russo establishes Board of Trustees 1 San Martín de Tucumán 0

17:04 hs

Corner kick for Patronato

The local team came out with everything.

17:03 hs

The match started

17:02 hs

The 11 of the Board of Trustees

16:45 hs

The 11 holders of San Martín de Tucumán

16:16 hs

San Martín arrived at the stadium

The team led by Pablo Frontini is already at the Presbítero Bartolomé Grella Stadium for the duel with the Patron.

15:49 hs

The follower

His name is Gonzalo Valdez Todoroff and he was in the Plaza 1° de Mayo in Paraná, Entre Ríos, waiting for the San Martín de Tucumán match against the Board of Trustees.

13:09 hs

The last match between San Martín and Patronato, in the First National

On May 7, on date 15 of zone A of the Primera Nacional, San Martín defeated Patronato de Paraná 2-0. Emanuel By y Agustín Colazo They scored the goals for the Tucumán team.

13:01 hs

Those summoned by Pablo Frontini to visit the Board of Trustees, in Paraná

12:45 hs

A bad streak outside the Citadel

San Martín has gone five games without winning as a visitor. The last one was on June 18, around the 21st, when they beat All Boys, in Floresta, with a goal from Emanuel By.

What you have to know

By date 34 of the First National, San Martin will visit from 5 p.m. to Patronagein Paraná. Diego Ceballos He will be the referee of the match, which will be broadcast on the TyC Sports Play streaming platform.

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