Sahra Wagenknecht calls for a 14 euro minimum wage and top tax rate

Sahra Wagenknecht wants it minimum wage increase and tax very high incomes and assets much more heavily. On Monday, the former left-wing politician told the editorial network Germany: “14 euros minimum wage would be necessary, that is still a very low wage at today’s prices.” The lower wage limit is currently twelve euros, next year it should be 12.41 euros and increase to 12.82 euros in 2025.

In addition to a higher minimum wage, Wagenknecht, who has announced the founding of a new party, is also calling for higher taxation of assets, top incomes and capital income: “Assets and inheritances in the order of hundreds of millions or even billions should be taxed more heavily, in return for the middle class to relieve the burden,” said Wagenknecht. In addition, the top tax rate could be significantly “higher if it hits real top incomes and not, as it does today, more highly qualified skilled workers,” added the Bundestag member.

Tax capital income more heavily

The top tax rate, which is now 42 percent, used to be 56 percent. But it only took effect at a multiple of the average salary. Today it already applies to one and a half times the average income. “That’s absurd,” said Wagenknecht. She also called for a higher tax on capital income: “There is absolutely no justification that people who receive dividends pay much less tax than someone who works.”

Sahra Wagenknecht announced at the end of October that it would found a new party and, together with nine other MPs, would withdraw from the party The Left Party explained.

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