Safely surf the web with this DPN adapter, now just $149

Surf the web securely with this DPN adapter, now $149.

Protect your devices and data with Deeper Connect Pico, now 40% off.
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When it comes to cybersecurity, most VPN services can feel like a protection racket. You basically pay a monthly fee to get safe passage by navigating open Wi-Fi. But savvy online citizens should know that there is another option. Decentralized VPN can now be configured through hardware like this smart, lightweight DPN adapter from Deeper Connect.

There are two distinct advantages to switching. First, you have a portable DPN that can work on multiple devices globally. Second, you only need to pay once to secure your online data and internet. And right now, you can save $100 on this handy piece of hardware.


Virtual private networks have been around for a while now, and they’ve worked well enough. Still, the fact that VPNs rely on a proprietary set of servers leaves the potential for attack. Decentralized VPN may be the next phase of technological know-how as it relies on a distributed network with no central hub.

Deeper Connect Pico doubles down on this security with features like a built-in ad blocker and an enterprise-grade seven-layer firewall. Best of all, you can customize the way you route your data so it doesn’t slow down your internet speed.

Deeper Connect: Your one-stop security shop

All this protection comes in a package that’s easy to use, even if you’ve never signed up for a VPN before. Deeper Connect’s decentralized VPN packs everything into one powerful adapter that requires minimal configuration to connect to all your devices. You can simply plug it in and turn it on.

Families will love it as it comes with features like parental controls that can protect your kids from inappropriate or dangerous content with just one click. The protections include all your IoT devices and you can even earn a little side income. Yes, Pico can mine blockchain with your unused bandwidth!

Keep your devices and digital information safe with a DPN. Get the Deeper Connect Pico for full online protection for yourself and the family, now for $149 (regularly $249).

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