Roger Waters was left without hotels in Buenos Aires: the musician denounces “an Israeli lobby”

Within the framework of his “This Is Not A Drill” farewell tour, on November 21 and 22, Roger Waters will have two shows in Buenos Aires, but the arrangements for his stay in that city are at risk. Two well-known hotels in that city canceled their reservations for his sayings of the musician about the war between Israel and the terrorist group Hamas.

The Faena Hotel was the first to cancel reservations of the co-founder of Pink Floyd, and after that his production tried to get him accommodation in the Alvear Hotel where they got another negative.

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“We were scheduled at Faena, and they told us they were canceling the reservation because the room was being remodeled,” the musician continued. “Ha, fucking and!. This is the Israel lobby throwing its weight behind. “It’s pathetic,” said the musician in dialogue with Page 12.

And he added: “At the Alvear they confirmed a reservation for ten rooms from November 13 to 22 this morning (for Friday), and then, in the afternoon, they canceled it too.

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The information was also corroborated by Infobae with Faena sources and added that The reason was his statements about the Hamas attack and Israel’s incursion into Gaza.

In this regard, the musician, known worldwide for his defense of human rights, said:“This is the Israel lobby throwing all his weight”.

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What Roger Waters said about the conflict in the Middle East

Days after the Hamas incursion into Israel, where it carried out multiple attacks killing and kidnapping civilians, Waters questioned the responsibility of the terrorist group, suggesting that it is still unclear whether responsibility for the brutal incursion lies with Palestinian Islamists.

“How the hell didn’t the Israelis know this was going to happen? I’m still down that rabbit hole a little bit. I mean, didn’t the Israeli army in those 11, 10, 11 camps hear the bangs when they exploded? Whatever that they had to fly to cross the border? There is something very suspicious in that,” said the former Pink Floyd.

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At the same time, he indicated that, In his opinion, resistance to the occupation since 1967 is justified both legally and morally and he debunked the facts about acts of violence, suggesting that the official Israeli narrative could be flawed.

The Brit added: “We don’t know if it was a false flag operation or not, or whatever happened, and we don’t know if we’ll ever get a real story. It’s always very difficult to know what really happened. They call it their 9/11 What the hell happened on 9/11 in North America? Nobody knows. Clearly, the official narrative has gaping holes. And anyway, we’re not going into 9/11.”

The English artist made posts on his social media accounts in which he demands that “stop the genocide in Gaza”, in addition to advocating for the Palestinian cause in his shows.

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