Roger Waters performs in Buenos Aires: everything you need to know | This Tuesday, November 21 and Wednesday, November 22

Roger Waters will be presented in the country with two shows this Tuesday, November 21 and Wednesday, November 22 at the River Plate stadiumin Núñez, within the framework of his world tour “This is not a Drill”, where the musician presents a review of the music of the golden era of Pink Floyd, and his solo material.

From the portal of All Access They reported that for tonight’s show tickets were released due to the “incorporation of a new audience.”

On both dates, the stadium doors will open from 5 p.m.and the rock trio Rocket Sativa will be in charge of opening from 7:45 p.m. Then, at 9 p.m., the artist will go on stage to start the show. The artist performs alongside Jonathan Wilson and Dave Kilminster on guitars, Jon Carin on keyboards, Gus Seyffert on bass and the tandem Shanay Johnson and Amanda Belair on backing vocals.

To get to River, spectators can approach through the D line from the subway (getting off at the Congreso station); taking the bus lines 42, 107, 28, 15, 29 and 130; traveling in the Miter train (Retiro or Tigre line) to the Núñez station or the Belgrano North train (Retiro or Villa Rosa line) to Ciudad Universitaria.

This is how you access the River stadium to see Roger Waters. (Images: Instagram @dfallaccess)

How many times did Roger Waters come to Argentina?

The former leader and bassist of Pink Floyd appears in the country for the fifth time. The first time was in 2002 in the Vélez stadium, then, in 2007 and in 2012 accumulated 11 shows in River (with “The Wall” y “The Dark Side of the Moon”) and his last presentation was in 2018at the Único Stadium in La Plata.

With these two new dates, Waters will be the international rock artist with most River stadiums in history, with 13 datessurpassing the Coldplaywith whom he had been tied in 11 shows and to whom Rolling Stoneswhich had 12 presentations.

And although “This is not a Drill” was announced as their farewell tour, in a exclusive interview with Eduardo Fabregat para Page|12left open the possibility of there being more. “The “last tour” thing is more of an inside joke in the industry, who knows?. I continue writing, composing, I’m working on my next album, in the hotel rooms I’m writing things, putting together songs and presenting some fragments in the show,” he said. “I haven’t stopped working, and I probably won’t stop. If I will continue doing these kinds of shows, I have no idea, only time will tell,” he added.

Roger Waters met in Uruguay with former Uruguayan president, “Pepe” Mujica. Image: @pepe.mujicaok)

This new visit by Waters to the country occurs in the midst of a controversy over his stance towards the Middle East, to the point that a few days before his shows, as also happened in Uruguay, hotels such as the Faena and Alvear from Buenos Aires refused to accept host him, according to the artist himself.

In this context, the Latin American and Caribbean Confederation of State Workers (CLATE) announced in a statement that it would make “its union hotels available to the musician and his band” for their “commitment to internationalist solidarity, in defense of Human Rights.” “. Where he finally stayed is a mystery.

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