Roborock smart vacuums and mops see massive price drops for Black Friday at up to $290 off

Roborock smart vacuums and mops see massive price drops for Black Friday at up to $290 off

Roborock Black Friday smart robot vacuum cleaner and mop deals have arrived with some of the best prices ever. Roborock has quickly become one of the best options in the robot cleaning industry, and almost all of its most popular models are now much more affordable for the holidays. You look up to $ 290 in savings and new record low levels on some of the most skilled and intelligent options on the market. Combination vacuum cleaners and mops, the flagship model with automatic emptying tank, Siri voice command-ready cleaning bots and more are all in print in this year’s Roborock Black Friday smart robot vacuum cleaner and mop sale. Go downstairs while we split each deal.

Roborock S7 / S7 + robot vacuum cleaner and mop

The flagship Roborock S7 and S7 + robot vacuum cleaners and mops get some of the biggest discounts ever for Black Friday this year. In addition to 2500 Pa of suction power to easily pull dirt and grime from multiple floor types, an upgraded main brush encloses the floor to agitate the most stubborn mess, while the large capacity of 5,200 mAh motor provides up to three hours of uninterrupted cleaning (in silent mode).

From there Roborock The S7 / S7 + has built-in Sonic mopping, which scrubs up to 3,000 times a minute to disintegrate dirt with twice as much power as previous generations’ versions. Built-in VibraRise technology automatically lifts the mop when it returns to the dock to avoid getting wet carpets and when in a difficult place, to ensure that your floors are not damaged.

The S7 + model also features the Roborock auto-empty dock, which can carry up to eight weeks of dust and dirt before you really need to do anything, allowing for a truly autonomous cleaning experience. You are looking at a HEPA-rated self-emptying trash can that filters, traps and helps remove 99.99% of allergens and airborne contaminants from your family home. A quick pull in the bag closes it for simple and hygienic disposal when it’s time. Normally $ 950, you can now score S7 + for $ 719.99 shipped, or $ 230 off the applicable rate. If you are looking for an advanced smart cleaning experience, you will definitely want to take a closer look here.

Roborock S7 + robot vacuum cleaner and mop with automatic emptying $ 720 (Reg. $ 950)

Roborock S7 robot vacuum cleaner and mop $ 455 (Reg. $ 650)

S7-compatible add-on for automatic dock emptying 299 USD

***Note: The stock is running out of S7 + at Amazon, but it is available directly from Roborock at the same price. Alternatively, you can score the S7 standard and purchase the automatic empty dock separately to achieve almost identical setup.

Roborock S4 MAX

The official Roborock Amazon storefront now offers the brand’s best vacuum-only option, the S4 MAX, for $ 279.99 shipped. You’re looking at a significant price drop of $ 150 or 34% here from the regular listing of $ 430. In addition to 2000 Pa of suction power with an automatic boost to pull dirt from deep inside your carpets, it boasts a 180-minute driving time before returning the included charging dock to complete the job when ready – which requires little or no efforts on your part get the whole home clean, no matter how big it is. Compatible with both voice commands and full smartphone control, the Roborock S4 MAX makes use of LiDAR navigation for multi-storey mapping and lots of customization, including no-go zones, selective room cleaning, scheduling and more. This is easily one of the best vacuum-only options in the Roborock lineup, and it’s just gotten $ 150 cheaper.

Roborock S4 MAX LiDAR Robot Vacuum Cleaner $ 280 (Reg. $ 430)

Roborock E4 Robot vacuum cleaner and mop

Next, we take a look at the most budget-friendly option in the holiday sale, the Roborock E4 Robot Vacuum and Mop. But this is a more than suitable option that hits well above its grade with nice Z-shaped cleaning, automatic return charging, app and voice control support (via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant gear) and a battery with a large capacity of 5,200 mAh, which provides enough energy to clean up up to 2,152 square feet of space. It will return to the dock to juice up as needed and then continue right where it left off.

The regular $ 380 cleaning fine has now dropped to a far more affordable one $ 220 price tag for the holidays, while providing both autonomous vacuuming and moping, leaving these floors shiny clean for holidays and beyond.

Roborock E4 Robot vacuum cleaner and mop $ 220 (Reg. $ 380)

Roborock S6 Pure Robot vacuum cleaner and mop

This year’s deal for the Roborock S6 Pure Robot Vacuum and Mop must be one of the best Black Friday deals the brand has on the plate. This advanced robot vacuum cleaner for $ 600 has just dropped to $ 359.99 for Black Friday and the holidays, and offers a solid price drop of 40% and one of the better prices we’ve seen since it hit store shelves.

Precision LiDAR mapping again connects nice Z-shaped cleaning patterns and offers a neat and focused cleaning experience with lots of smart functions and adjustments. Smartphone and voice control (Alexa and Siri) are ready and waiting with no-go zones, multi-storey mapping and planning so the floors are clean before you even get home to see them. You will find 2,000 Pa of suction power to clean your floors of dust before the long-range 180ml adjustable water tank sets in to mop up up to 1,610 square feet of your home at a time.

Roborock S6 Pure Robot vacuum cleaner and mop $ 360 (Reg. $ 600)

Roborock S6 MaxV Robot Vacuum Cleaner with ReactiveAI

But Roborock Black Friday and holiday price falls do not stop there. Roborock S6 MaxV Robot Vacuum Cleaner with ReactiveAI and Intelligent Mopping is also now a massive $ 290 discount the ongoing rate, while providing one of the smartest cleaning experiences in the range. A pair of built-in cameras allow owners to keep an eye on pets and the general things around the house, anywhere:

By introducing the dual cameras, the Roborock S6 MaxV can see obstacles such as pet debris, cables, chair legs on its way, instead of getting caught on an obstacle or causing clutter, it will avoid the obstacle and clean without interruption. With infrared imaging, MaxV can also see in the dark.

It’s on top of “10 No-Go Zones, 10 No-Mop Zones and 10 Invisible Barriers at Each Level”, 2,500 Pa of suction power and the ability to clean up to 2,580 square feet of space at once.

Roborock S6 MaxV Robot Vacuum Cleaner $ 460 (Reg. $ 750)

And more…

We also track one of the best deals ever on the brand H7 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner at $ 140 off. there is also one $ 170 price drop on S5 MAX Robot vacuum cleaner and mop with voice commands, 2,000 Pa suction power and LiDAR mapping.

Roborock H7 Wireless Vacuum Cleaner $ 360 (Reg. $ 500)

S5 MAX Robot vacuum cleaner and mop $ 380 (Reg. $ 550)

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