River with everything: 3-0 to Independiente and leader of the group

They had not scored goals in the last four games against Carlos Tevez’s Independiente. He had never had more than one done, in fact. He’d never lost, either. He was leading. The imperfect tense is explained becausel Rojo played on Wednesday night against River at the Monumental. Here, where there is no streak worth it. And the CARP? It’s even strange to say that it’s a streak. It is rather a performance that already enters the order of the inexorable: Martín Demichelis’ team has already reached two dozen consecutive wins in this stadium, which for other teams is like multiplying by zero.

Big ones, small ones, Argentineans, foreigners, more defensive, more offensive, with different schemes, with different ideas, with names of more and less hierarchy: everyone, upon arriving at this field, leaves defeated. Sometimes humiliated, as happened to an Independiente that had started the match as a continuity of what the Tevez cycle showed, but that as the minutes passed it became blurred until entering a match zone in which only oles came down from the stands, in which 86 thousand people reminded them that this is the famous River (the famous River Plate), and in which a swarm of well-footed soccer players touch the ball from one side to the other and not There is nothing more to do than resign yourself, look and – if possible – kick a little. River here is indestructible, even despite a playing field that this time did not live up to the historic string of victories from last week’s recitals. The recital was by River.

River's celebration (AFP). River’s celebration (AFP).

The intensity of Independiente since Carlitos led it has been on the rise until it collided with a rival who knows how to sustain it more and better over time: The good offensive pressure with which Rojo began passed as the minutes passed into a passivity that in any case rarely led to lucidity in the final meters of the field. The few times that happened or that it forced defensive errors from the last champion, he encountered an Armani who against the greats is nothing short of invincible. From Pulpo onwards, all of River did an impressive job with no low points and in any case with some very high points. Paulo Díaz continues to be a national team center back who makes a difference in Argentine football; Santiago Simón played his best game as a right winger with decisive participation in the offensive and without hurting his back; Aliendro one day became Aliendro again and managed to ensure that for a little while at least few people remembered that Nicolás de la Cruz was not on the field; Enzo Pérez did not seem to be four months away from turning 38; Lanzini continues to loosen up and mix better with the rest of the flyers; Barco is more decisive every day due to imbalance, but no less due to sacrifice, a differential that he did not have last year; Borja confirmed again, if necessary, that he is a beast in the area.

The Colombian has an efficiency that makes it difficult to understand why he has played so few games as a starter this year: tThere were four shots, of which one hit the post and three others were goals, one disallowed for offside.

Borja, lethal (AFP). Borja, lethal (AFP).

For the rest, even the replacement continues to consolidate in a Solari who pays for minutes with a goal, in a Colidio that at the moment lacks just that, but that does everything else extremely well, an increasingly fine Rondón, a Pity Martínez who doesn’t seem to have just returned from such a long injury.

It was too much for an Independiente who will have to pretend that nothing has happened here, that he wanted to face the champion like the leader he was. He was. In the middle, River passed, Monumental passed. He gave a recital of the new leader of Argentine football.

River’s three goals against Independiente

River Plate 26-10-2023

Borja scored River’s 1-0

River Plate 26-10-2023

Borja’s double against Rojo

River Plate 26-10-2023

Solari scored River’s third

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