Riestra won a very spicy match and advanced to the semis of the Reduced

When a team enters Riestra’s game, it is difficult for them to get out. Because it engulfs you, it drives you crazy, it makes you lose your mind and, as if that were not enough, playing football is too complex.

Just as he did in Tucumán in front of San Martín, Malevo imposed the conditions: they completely annulled Quilmes, eliminated them from the Reduced and advanced to the semifinals, where they will face Almirante Brown.

Quilmes was left out of the Reduced.  (Photo: Quilmes Press).Quilmes was left out of the Reduced. (Photo: Quilmes Press).

Two changes changed the game

The visitor began the match with a line of five and, given the continuity of parity (a result that was of no use to him), Matías Módolo took out two defenders to add people in the middle and the advantage came. After a rude error by López Quintana, who played in the middle and gave the ball to the rival, Landriel, who had entered shortly before, assisted Goitía to open the scoring.

From there, The Brewer tried from below, from above, from all sides. But the goal never came. The lack of definition and ideas when attacking caused the team to enter desperation, a stage from which it never emerged. Thus, despite the sporting advantage, the beer was cut short by its foam.

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