RFEF executives will file a complaint against the soccer players!

09/18/2023 at 00:25


Some Directors and workers of the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) plan to file a legal complaint based on accusations of “coercion and defamation” in response to the players of the Women’s National Team who have demanded his resignation as a condition to remain on the national team.

As stated ‘El Español’ in its latest information on the case of the world champions, some of the employees banned by the players attribute these two crimes: coercion, due to the “pressure” with which they have insisted on the resignation of the members of the RFEF, and defamation, in relation to the incidents that they are accused of and that support their request to the institution.

Always according to this information, The complainants are included in the list of people that the ’39’ presented to the interim president of the Federation, Pedro Rochawho has promised to evaluate each situation “individually.”


The Federation would have offered to the soccer players to immediately remove the workers who were demanding and they would have guaranteed that they will be out of the RFEF within a maximum of one month.

Meanwhile, the coach Montse Tomé could finally give her squad list for the Nations League on Monday at 12 noon or 4 p.m., according to the ‘AS’ newspaper.

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