Rezzil’s Competition Series Seeks to Encourage Virtual Athletics

In April, Rezzil launched a major update to their VR sports platform, which included the announcement of one of the biggest competition series ever for the VR community. Each month there will be $ 5000 cash and a selection of other prizes, such as Fitbits and jerseys, up for grabs for the best performing players. The catch, though, is that Rezzil Player is not your average VR esports title – it’s first and foremost an athletics training experience. Expect to pay in sweat for your premiums during any month you want to top the rankings.

Andy Etches, co-founder of Rezzil, expressed that this tournament series aims to expose more people to both virtual athletics and to experiences that occupy a space between play and training. Rezzil wants to provide an accessible medium where both sports enthusiasts and VR enthusiasts can find enjoyable and valuable experiences. One of the long-term ideas Andy conveyed was to connect professional athletes on their Rezzil Index platform and VR sports champions on their Rezzil Player platform and see who would come out on top in a head-to-head virtual athletics challenge.

Rezzil Player, formerly titled Player 22, released in August 2021 as the first of its kind multi-sport training application. Included are modes dedicated to American football, soccer, basketball, racket sports, and reaction training. Each activity genre has a variety of levels and modes that train form, speed, and accuracy in their respective skills. With the latest update, a number of these modes come together to form the physically demanding pentathlon competition, where you will find your other VR athletes fighting for a share of the $ 5000. The pentathlon is complemented by a number of other challenges, such as a football league and a monthly series of cardio levels.

The American football practice, called Field General, pairs a combination of moving goal rings and defensive puppets to create a dynamic virtual football field. The primary focus of this exercise is initially to teach you proper throwing form and evolve to practice vision and timing for when to make passes based on the moving layout of the field. Players familiar with the Madden Football minicamp QB drills should find this familiar. The catch-and-drop speed and power you will need to incorporate to chase the gold medals will definitely make your blood pump. Field General is a sustained level in the monthly pentathlon challenge.

Hoops, the basketball experience, and the reaction coach are both focus- and coordination-based activities that double as excellent VR cardio options. Hoops are framed in the same way as many rhythm games, requiring you to hold a basketball and place it precisely through the center of basketball hoop sizes, synchronized with energetic music. The targets will move around as they approach, and sometimes they even come in colored variations that you have to match to a paired color silhouette that appears on both sides of the arena as a test of your awareness and flexibility.

The reaction trainer is a little more simplified, but no less challenging. With your choice of wall size, from 30 degrees to a full 360 degree array, you need to quickly hit the targets as they light up around you. For an extra challenge, you may want to add floor and ceiling measurements to some squats and jumps. Both reaction coaches and hoops are also cornerstones of the pentathlon challenge. Reaction Training also gets its own dedicated challenge collection, which escalates from a tight 30-degree wall to the chaotic 360.

The football mode, Headers, is a beast in itself, divided into four separate types of activities – controlling the ball, shooting on goal, clearing the ball and passing with your head. As Rezzil is heavily involved in professional football through their Rezzil Index product, there is a wealth of technique and training exercises for aspiring football players to dive into this segment. Like the other sports, each header mode takes a form-first approach to ensure you have sound basics and then takes you on a journey to play pro-level with the ball. As the correct shape requires full body involvement, a warm and hygienic headset cover is recommended for long and inevitably sweaty sessions.

The focus on headers as a core of the experience is reflected in the many challenges available involving the header modes. Two of the five monthly pentathlon challenges are from the header category – shooting and control. There is also a dedicated challenge called the Rezzil Soccer League, which combines a select selection of levels from all header modes into a varied football competition. Most uniquely, there is a monthly challenge centered around recreating a famous professional goal, for which the champion wins a jersey from the team whose goal they mastered.

No matter what you first choose to dig into Rezzil Player, you will probably get away with calories burned and knowledge gained. All modes allow you to practice gamified cardio, and those brave enough to tackle the monthly pentathlon will have the option of significant cash prizes for many months to come. Rezzil Player is available in the Oculus Quest store and welcomes you to join their disagreement to talk sports, e-sports, fitness and more.


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