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Carly and the Reaperman

Resolution Games already has an expansive library of virtual reality (VR) content, most recently unveiling its next multiplayer title Ultimechs. But the studio wants to accelerate this growth, and this week announced the acquisition of Zero Tech, the Swedish video game studio that helped portray co-op adventures Carly and Reaperman to Oculus Quest earlier this year.

The acquisition will see Zero Tech renamed Resolution Tech with a view to expanding the current four-man team.

The Zero Index team has a number of impressive achievements behind them, including their exemplary work that helped us bring Carly and Reaperman to Oculus Quest earlier this year, ”said Tommy Palm, CEO and founder of Resolution Games in a statement. “The demand for amazing VR and AR experiences is growing at an exponential rate. With more hardware choices than ever in the pipeline from tech’s biggest players, having a team with experience in bringing games to different markets and platforms will help us. to continue to reach new players wherever they choose to play. “

In addition to the acquisition, it has expanded its own team with four new hires. Natalie Mellin is Resolution Games’ new Head of People & Culture, Ebba Waltré has joined as General Counsel to lead the company’s legal strategy for future growth; Johan Gästrin will lead the company’s Shared Technology (Fidelity) and Game Production IT as product manager, while Rickard Åstrand has been named Resolution Games’s CFO.

Natalie Mellin, Ebba Waltré, Johan Gästrin Participate in Resolution Games (Rickard Åstrand not pictured)
Natalie Mellin, Ebba Waltré, Johan Gästrin Participate in Resolution Games.

“At Resolution Games, we are artisans who live and breathe games and love what we do,” Palm added. “We have been very fortunate to bring such incredible talent into the company, all the while striving to make everyone sincerely happy to work at Resolution Games and feel that our output is a direct reflection of the success of this goal. “With the continued enthusiasm we see from players, there has been no shortage of opportunities to continue our team’s growth, and we look forward to doing so in a way that continues along the path towards that goal.”

This continues with an exciting month for Resolution Games. As I said, Ultimechs was unveiled last week, a futuristic sports experience coming to VR platforms in 2022. The VR Awards were also Demeo This year’s VR game. As Resolution Games continues to expand, VRFocus will keep you updated.


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