Repudiation of a publication by Lilia Lemoine that reproduces a call to insurrection

Lilia Lemoine questioned for a Twitter post Photo Camila Godoy
Lilia Lemoine questioned for a Twitter post / Photo: Camila Godoy.

Human rights organizations criticized this Monday the national representative elected by La Libertad Avanza (LLA) Lilia Lemoinewho broadcast a video on social networks in which he reproduces a call for military insurrection launched by a leader of the extreme right in Mar del Plata.

He Center for Legal and Social Studies (CELS) indicated in its official X account: “The elected representative of La Libertad Avanza, Lilia Lemoine, shared a call for insubordination of the Armed Forces made by Carlos Pampillón, a well-known neo-Nazi leader from Mar del Plata, prosecuted for leading a gang dedicated to committing anti-Semitic attacks in 2018”.

“We are concerned about the legitimization of these messages by someone who is going to join Congress”he added.

The video that refers to the CELS was broadcast by the libertarian leader this Monday on X with the phrase “Message from a Patriot. Enough of the ideological gag”where Pampillón appears calling for a “boycott” against the Army.

In the message, the far-right leader includes grievances against military and Defense authorities and requests support from the military for Captain Volante, against whom a summary was opened for a series of demonstrations spread through his social networks, among They broadcast a video in which he claimed the use of green Falcons to kidnap people during the dictatorship.

“Related to the demonstrations made through social networks by Retired Captain Iván Volante that seriously undermine the institutional image, the Argentine Army communicates that it has initiated the corresponding administrative actions within the framework of what is established in the Disciplinary Code of the Armed Forces “the General Secretariat of the Argentine Army had indicated days ago in a statement.

In 2022, Pampillón was prosecuted by the Federal Justice of Mar del Plata for occupying a role as an organizer of a group dedicated to committing attacks to impose their supremacist ideas through violence. as part of a legal case promoted by the DAIA against a neo-Nazi gang.

As reported then by the Jewish entity through a statement, the judicial resolution comes four and a half years after an oral and public process against an anti-Semitic group that carried out a series of hate attacks in Mar del Plata between 2013 and 2016. .

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