Renewable and Resilient Energy in Commercial Buildings

Date / time: 25 January 2021 (1-14 ET / 10-11 PT)

Commercial buildings account for 33 percent of electricity consumption in the United States today, representing a major opportunity for decarbonization. But to be truly sustainable, energy solutions must not only be clean, but also robust and affordable.

GreenBiz Senior Energy Analyst Sarah Golden will moderate this lively conversation with John Igo of Mainspring and Jesse Tootell of Lineage Logistics to discuss:

  • Insight into the three major challenges of energy decarbonisation: managing the variability of renewable resources, speeding up electricity and maintaining cost and business continuity in an increasingly unstable grid environment.
  • A new category of energy production technology that offers an unsurpassed combination of low cost, low emissions, fuel flexibility and full shipping options – and why this combination matters in the transition to net-zero carbon.
  • How and why has the world’s largest cold storage company implemented cutting-edge innovative energy generation technology – two linear generators together with 3.3 megawatts solar panels – at a plant in California to meet its sustainability goals, increase resilience and reduce energy costs while producing 100 percent of its energy On-site.


  • Sarah Golden, Senior Energy Analyst & VERGE Energy Chair, GreenBiz Group


  • John Igo, Vice President, Mainspring Energy
  • Jesse Tootell, Senior Manager, Energy Analytics, Lineage Logistics

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