Rego’s defense of Lenin and the Russian Revolution in 2019

The newly appointed Minister of Children and Youth, Sira Rego, was sworn in this morning along with the rest of the ministers of the new government. In the last few hours, a video of Rego has gone viral, generating some controversy due to his statements. in defense of Lenin during a television debate in 2019.

In response to a Vox representative, who called Lenin a genocidalthe minister argued that said statement “reflected a lack of knowledge about universal history”. In addition, he recommended that she read “10 Days That Shook the World,” by John Reed, “to obtain a more complete vision of the Russian Revolution”.

The minister’s position has divided opinions, highlighting the importance of objectivity and ideological balance in its new role. Some people have expressed concern about how their ideology could influence policies aimed at youth. “They are already trying to manipulate our children with communists who have not had childhood“says a user on social networks.

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