Refillable cleaning product works by just adding water

You may be able to refill water bottles, have a recyclable straw on hand and avoid plastic shopping bags, but what about the plastic bottles of cleaning fluid you buy and throw away all the time? Detergents are a huge contributor to the world’s plastic pollution. Now JAWS is helping to combat that problem. This is the Just Add Water system and it may change the way you clean.

Three refillable cleaning bottles in colors, from left to right: pink, light blue, green, dark blue

JAWS cleaner is strip-free, environmentally friendly and can be used to clean many surfaces and areas in your home. Best of all, the spray bottles can be refilled and reused. There is also a large selection of fragrances available. Try the fantastic lavender all-purpose cleaner, glass cleaner, kitchen cleaner with orange cinnamon or lemon lime floor cleaner for hardwood. Try the frothy bathroom cleaner, granite cleaner or maybe the daily shower cleaner. The disinfectant cleanser kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria.

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A graphic showing how to refill the bottle, reload and reuse it

Here’s how it works: Fill the bottle with tap water, put a JAWS refill pad in the detergent you want, and turn on the spray tip. Now you are ready to clean. When the bottle is empty, repeat the whole process. It actually takes longer to describe the process than to do it.

A JAWS cleaning kit with rainbow-colored containers with rainbow-colored cleaning wipes

In addition, you do not need to shake the mixture to mix it, and you can use water at any temperature. All JAWS cleaning formulas are biodegradable and non-toxic. JAWS products have not been tested on animals and all products are made in Toledo, Ohio.

Clear JAWS bottles with a stack of cleaning wipes

Moreover, there is no need to measure, mix or stress. It’s just a simple, quick way to get a good cleaning solution without adding a lot of plastic pollution to the environment. That’s what JAWS is all about: solving a serious environmental problem without getting people to change their daily lives.


Images via JAWS


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