Razer Announces Quest 2 Adjustable Head Strap & Facial Interface – Road to VR

Razer is getting into the VR accessory game soon, as the company announced at CES 2023 that it’s selling a head strap system and face interface built specifically for the Meta Quest 2.

The accessory was built by Razer in collaboration with ResMed, a San Diego, California-based medical device company that knows its way around all-day comfort.

“Designed for long-lasting comfort and weight-balanced support, the Razer Adjustable Head Strap System was created with all head shapes in mind. The high-performance nylon material provides reliability, comfort and durability, while the optimized weight distribution allows for more balance during active gameplay. The soft adjustable straps will help players find their perfect fit, and the quick slip-on design ensures little interruption in resuming gameplay,” says Razer in a press release.

Image courtesy of Razer

Razer’s head strap is said to be made of a high-performance nylon material that ensures optimized weight distribution, a slip-on design and soft adjustable straps.

Said to offer extended comfort and optimized support, due to its “ultra-thin textured and profiled membranes”, the Razer Facial Interface is said to eliminate facial pressure. Made from medical grade hypoallergenic materials, the interface blocks light while still providing ventilation.

Image courtesy of Razer

Both of Razer’s VR peripherals for the Quest 2 are slated to launch in the US sometime in Q1 2023, with plans to expand to other regions in the future, the company says. There’s no word on pricing, but knowing Razer, it’s sure to beat the third-party white label products flooded on Amazon and eBay.


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