Putin breaks silence over Wagner chief Prigozhin’s death in jet crash

Russian President Vladimir Putin made his first public remarks on Thursday since the death of Russian warlord and mutineer Yevgeny Prigozhin in a fiery plane crash on Wednesday.

There is plenty of speculation that Putin ordered the assassination of the mercenary boss who rebelled against the Kremlin in June, but in his public remarks he urged people to wait for the results of an investigation by the Russian authorities will be carried out.

“The head of the Commission of Inquiry of Russia reported to me about this, and that is correct,” Putin said during a meeting with Denis Pushilin, the Kremlin-appointed head of Russia’s occupation administration in Ukraine’s Donetsk region. “They have launched an investigation into this incident and it will be fully conducted and come to a conclusion. Let’s see what the researchers say.”

“I have known Prigozhin for a long time, since the early 1990s,” Putin said of his former caterer. “He was a man with a complex destiny. [Sometimes] he made mistakes; And [sometimes] he got the results he wanted – for himself and in response to my requests, for a common cause.

“He was a talented person. He worked in our country, but also abroad, in Africa. He worked with oil, gas and precious metals,” Putin continued.

Prigozhin led the mercenary Wagner Group for many years and fought in the Russian war against Ukraine. In June, he launched an uprising against the Kremlin in an aborted mutiny that did not stop until Wagner Group tanks were within range of Moscow. He died in a plane crash on Wednesday while his plane was flying from Moscow to St Petersburg.

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