Put a BackPack on your iMac with this unique accessory

Put a backpack on your iMac with this unique accessory

Twelve South’s newest addition gives you a place to put iMac peripherals where you don’t have to look at them all the time.
Photo: Twelve South

Put the Twelve South BackPack on an iMac and you can use it to hide accessories behind the desktop computer screen and save on visible clutter.

Despite the name, the device is not really a backpack. It’s an aluminum shelf that attaches to the Mac’s stand.

Twelve South BackPack for 24″ iMac removes clutter

A clean desk is a happy desk. Clutter is actually a cause of stress. If you’d like to declutter your desk but keep peripherals you simply can’t give up, you might be interested in Twelve South’s latest offering.

The backpack for 24-inch iMacs provides space for portable hard drives, USB-C hubs and other accessories. It’s a convenient way to hide them out of sight behind the all-in-one computer screen.

Alternatively, if the back of your iMac faces your office, you can place art, small plants, etc. on the shelf.

New twelve south backpack for 24-inch iMac
The iMac BackPack can also be for aesthetics.
Photo: Twelve South

Twelve South BackPack for 24” iMac launched this week and retails for $44.99.

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As its full name indicates, the product is designed specifically for the stand built into Apple’s 24-inch iMac. Those with an earlier model can get the original version instead, which costs $34.99. A version for Apple’s Studio Display is under development.


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